How to wash your hair properly

A good hair day begins in the shower - so we asked our expert team for their pro tips on how to improve your hair washing technique for max hair benefits: shinier, stronger, sparklier hair.



Lather, rinse, repeat

Shiny, glossy hair starts with a well-executed shampoo. Before applying make sure your hair is thoroughly wet first, says Atelier stylist Kat, who recommends double cleansing. The first shampoo will remove dirt and grease, but the second shampoo is where you’ll see the real super shine benefits.

Size matters

You need less shampoo than you might think. Colourist Mel Smith advises using a 50p size amount. Remember, sulphate-free shampoos, like our Miracle Shampoos, do not lather as much as their sulphate-rich counterparts, but they are much gentler on the hair and lock in your colour.

Think of your colour like cashmere

Treat your hair like you would an expensive fabric. Think about washing your hair like you hand wash your delicates – very carefully. Excess friction can damage your hair’s cuticle, leading to breakage and frizz.

The right way to apply

Shampoo only needs to be applied to the roots, but remember to pay attention to the places that are easy to miss, for example behind the ears and at the nape of the neck.

When applying shampoo, indulge in a little scalp massage – a healthy scalp makes for healthy hair. ‘Use your fingertips and work firmly in circular motions across the scalp’, says colourist Jason Hogan. Avoid using your nails, or being too aggressive. Minimum pressure is best.

When applying conditioner, use a straight, downward stroking motion. Colourist Mel advises squeezing excess water out of the hair before applying conditioner, ‘Otherwise the water will fill the hair follicle where the conditioner should be.’



Rinse and rinse again

‘Even when you think the hair has been rinsed enough….rinse once more,’ recommends Jason. If you don’t rinse properly, your hair will be flat and lifeless and feel coated. Kat advocates a shot of cold water to seal the deal: 'If you want super shiny hair, you need to close the cuticle with cold water. You can get out of the shower and tip your head over the sink or bath if you don’t fancy a cold shower. It only needs to be a quick final rinse. When towel drying your hair, make sure to squeeze the hair dry, rather than rub it to help prevent damage', says Kat. Or use our AQUIS hair turban for double quick drying without towelling damage. 

Once in a while treat

And a little trick for hard water areas from Jason, 'Is to give your hair a final rinse in sparkling water….no need for Perrier, supermarket own brand is fine. The carbon dioxide in the water lifts the mineral deposit from the scalp and hair, leaving it glossy and free from build-up.’


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