Hair Colour For Greying Brunettes

By Lauren . Created on February 14, 2024

As our hair naturally ages, many brunettes find themselves dealing with the challenge of greying locks. However, having greying hair doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your vibrant brunette look. In fact, with the right hair colour, you can embrace your greying hair, add depth, dimension, and confidence to your greying locks. 

1. Subtle Highlights:

Adding subtle highlights to your greying brunette hair can create a beautiful blend of colours that give the illusion of depth and dimension. Opt for caramel or honey-toned highlights that complement your natural brunette base. These soft highlights will seamlessly blend with your greying hair, creating a natural and radiant look.

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2. Balayage 

Balayage is a fantastic technique for brunettes with greying hair. This freehand painting method allows for a more natural look where lighter tones are strategically placed throughout your hair, focusing on the areas where greying is most prominent. The result is a soft and effortless transition that beautifully disguises greys while maintaining the richness of your brunette hair.

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3. Full coverage 

For those looking to cover greys, opt for a Josh Wood Colour Permanent Colour, which will provide a seamless natural blend whilst of course covering those pesky greys from the comfort of your own home. 


4. Rich Chocolate Tones:

If you prefer a more uniform colour, rich chocolate tones are an excellent choice for greying brunettes. These deep, warm shades add richness and dimension to your hair, making it appear fuller and healthier. For those looking to cover greys, opt for a Josh Wood Colour Permanent Kit alongside our Chocolate Gloss for the ultimate mocha shiny tone.  

5. Gloss:

For brunettes with minimal greying, a Josh Wood Colour Glossing treatment can do wonders. Glossing helps add shine, depth, and vibrancy to your hair colour, making it look refreshed and revitalized. Not sure which shade is for you? Contact our team at

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