How to Maintain Highlighted Hair at Home

By Lauren . Created on February 5, 2024

Are you in love with your highlights but find it challenging to maintain them between salon visits? We have crafted the perfect solution for you! With our Blonde Root SmudgeIcy Blonde Gloss, Champagne Blonde Gloss and Care you can effortlessly maintain your stunning highlights at home, giving them a fresh and vibrant look.

1.Assess Your Hair Condition

The first step to selecting the best highlighted hair treatment  starts with taking a close look at your hair. Determine if your roots need touching up or if your highlights have become dull. This will help you decide the best course of action.  

2. Root Smudge for Seamless Blend

If your roots have grown out and you wish to achieve a seamless blend, Blonde Root Smudge is your go-to product. Root Smudge helps to camouflage any noticeable regrowth and give the appearance of fresh highlights when you can't get to the salon. Apply the product to the roots of your hair, using the included brush and simply blend it outwards towards the length of your hair for a natural transition.


3.Hair Gloss for a Refreshing Boost

To revive and refresh your highlights, Josh Wood Colour Icy Blonde Gloss is the perfect solution. This semi-permanent gloss adds shine, dimension, and a touch of coolness to brassy blonde highlights. Apply the Icy Blonde Gloss all over your highlighted sections, evenly distributing the product from roots to ends. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.


For a warmer blonde, opt for the Champagne Blonde Gloss which will help add some lovely golden tones to your lights. 


4: Follow with the Right Hair Care

To maintain the longevity of your highlights and keep them looking their best, it's crucial to use the right hair care products to ensure you achieve the best after care for highlighted hair. Opt for the non stripping, colour boosting Miracle Shampoo and Conditioner, crafted to prolong your highlights and keep them looking fresh at all times. 

For added shine, continue with a Miracle Mask at least once a week along with a regular Gloss refresh. 


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