Introducing Josh Wood Colour Dark Brown Root Smudge

By Lauren . Created on February 5, 2024

Introducing the latest shade Dark Brown to our Root Smudge collection! 

Josh has worked to develop the perfect ready-to-go hair root concealer powder that helps to cover regrowth, conceal grey hair and fill in hair lines. Whether it is pesky greys, or regrowth you are looking to cover, Josh Wood Colour’s Dark Brown Root Smudge has you covered. 

What is Root Smudge?

Dark Brown Root Smudge is our brand new lightweight, mess-free and easy-to-apply root powder that has been specially formulated to blend effortlessly with your natural hair colour, to provide professional full coverage results, whilst giving the appearance of a thicker and fuller hairline. 


How long does the product last? 

Root Smudge has been crafted with the highest quality pigment and water-resistant formula to ensure that once the product is applied it will not budge and you are free from any product fall down. It is a washout formula, so once your hair is due for its next wash, simply reapply the Root Smudge and you are ready to go again! 


Who is it for?

Dark Brown Root Smudge works to tackle a number of common hair concerns. It is a fantastic option for those looking for temporary grey coverage and also doubles up as a regrowth product for brunettes in between colour. 

How to use?

We have perfected the ultimate hair solution in just a few steps. So using the root smudge is super easy! 

Step 1 - Part your hair where coverage is needed, you can use our Section Clips to hold your hair in place and make application just that bit easier. 

Step 2 - Apply the product to the brush, tapping off any excess to prevent product fall down. 

Step 3 - Hold down the hair to ensure a smooth base and simply work the product into the hair using the provided brush for precision. In just seconds your roots will be completely covered, it really is that easy!

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