The Ultimate Guide to Brunettes

Created on May 16, 2024

With a wide array of shades ranging from the lightest caramel to the deepest espresso, brown hair offers endless possibilities for those who want to embrace its richness and warmth. Whether you're considering a subtle change or a dramatic transformation, understanding the spectrum of brown hair shades is essential. We’ve gathered all the brown shades to form the Ultimate Guide to Brunettes that’ll have you reaching to call your colourist, or buy from our at-home colour range!

All Brown Hair Shades

From light to dark, cool to warm, and everything in between, brunettes have an extensive palette to choose from. Whether you're drawn to natural-looking highlights, bold balayage, or seamless ombré effects, there's a brown hair shade to suit every taste and style. Embrace your inner brunette and experiment with different shades to discover the perfect match for your personality and preferences.

Light Brown Hair Shades

Light brown hair has a natural warmth and softness that is flattering for various skin tones. With the shades ranging from Sandy Beige tones to a Honeyed Caramel, it adds a subtle radiance to your overall appearance without being overwhelming; perfect for those seeking a gentle transition or a sun-kissed glow that seamlessly blends with their natural beauty. When going a lighter brown, especially from a darker shade, consult with your colourist before dyeing your hair. 

Chestnut GlossImage Credit: Josh Wood Colour

Caramel/Chestnut Brown:

With light brown hair, adding caramel and chestnut brown tones brings a rich dimension to any hair style. Caramel and Chestnut brown hair shades have hints of golden and reddish undertones, bringing a warm tone to the hair but in a natural way. This colour combination is perfect for those wanting a slightly different look to the normal mousey brown locks for a subtle, sun-kissed glow that’s perfect for any season. To achieve this look at home, with already slightly lightened hair, use our Josh Wood Colour Chestnut Gloss to add some light-brown warmth to your hair colour. 

Cool Brown Hair Shades

Cool-toned brunette shades are all about subtlety and refinement. These shades, such as ash brown or mushroom brown hair, have hints of blue or violet undertones that lend a cool, smoky effect to your locks. Cool brown hair shades are perfect for those with fair or cool-toned skin, as they complement and enhance your natural features with a modern edge.

Ash/Mushroom Brown Hair

ash mushroom brown hairImage Credit: Pinterest

Ash or Mushroom Brown hair is a lighter brown shade where brown and silver meet, for subtle highlights of cool tones throughout the hair. Ash tones are not just for blondes, adding a touch of silver to block brunettes is a fresh take on a classic cool-girl brown hair. If your hair is currently lighter, you can keep the existing colour whilst asking your colourist to cool down the ends of your hair for an ashy finish to your hair colour. You can cool down your hair at home with the Josh Wood Colour Icy Blonde Gloss

Red Brown Hair Shades

For a touch of warmth and vibrancy, red brown hair shades are the way to go. Whether you opt for auburn, cherry, or mahogany hues, these shades add depth and dimension to your hair while infusing it with a fiery allure. Red brown hair shades are versatile, offering a range of intensities from subtle hints to bold statements, depending on your desired look.

Chocolate Cherry Hair

Chocolate cherry hairImage Credit: Pinterest

Chocolate Cherry Brown Hair Colour is a rich blend of deep brown chocolate shades and a subtle red undertone, much like the hue of ripe cherries. This combination creates a rich and captivating shade and is perfect for those wanting to spice up their dark brown complexion. Chocolate Cherry brown hair is perfect for those wanting a more sophisticated look. The chocolate cherry shade is perfect and versatile for all various skin tones and styles, but works perfectly in the winter seasons. With already dark hair, you can use the Josh Wood Colour Cherry Gloss to add that perfect touch of red to your dark chocolate hair colour.

Dark Brown Hair Shades

For those craving depth and intensity, dark brown hair shades offer a sense of mystery and sophistication. Think rich chocolate, espresso, or even black-brown hues that command attention and showcase your mane's luscious depth. Whether you prefer a glossy sheen or a matte finish, dark brown hair is versatile and timeless, suitable for any occasion.

Chocolate / Espresso Dark Brown

Deep and dark brown tones like Chocolate and Espresso have deep and velvety tones that help create beautiful depth to the hair colour. You can create this look in the salon, or at home with the Josh Wood Colour Chocolate Gloss, which helps to enhance the richness and depth of your hair, giving your hair that gorgeous shine reminiscent of the deep hair tone. 

Chocolate Hair Gloss Back of HeadImage Credit: Josh Wood Colour

Smoky Brunette Dark Brown

For those wanting a dark brown without any chocolatey tones, a smokey brunette dark brown tone would be perfect. Smoky Brunette Hair colour is a cool-toned twist to the dark shades of brunette, the shade has ashy, smoky undertones which cool down the hair for the perfect cool-toned dark colour that perfectly compliments seasonal changes. To add a subtle dark smoky tone to the hair, the Josh Wood Colour Smoky Brunette Gloss helps to enhance the natural beauty of dark brown hair, elevating your brunette needs with a smoky undertone, letting your hair exude effortless sophistication. 

Smoky GlossImage Credit: Josh Wood Colour

Whether you're a fan of light brown, dark brown, cool brown, or red brown shades, there's a brunette hue that's just right for you. Consult a brunette hair shades chart to explore the possibilities and find inspiration for your next hair transformation. With the right shade of brown, you can enhance your natural beauty and exude confidence wherever you go. Embrace the richness of brunette hair and unleash your inner brunette goddess today!

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