Top 3 Hair Colours to Try in 2024

By Lauren. Created on February 5, 2024

As we step into 2024, it's time to explore the latest hair colour trends that will set the stage for the year ahead. Our Master Colourist Saskiia Marsh has unveiled the top three must-try hair colour trends for 2024: Pure Vanilla Blonde, Foxy Copper, and Gold Ribbon Brunette. 


1. Pure Vanilla Blonde

If you're dreaming of a stunning, multidimensional blonde Pure Vanilla Blonde is the trend for you. This shade combines a creamy, pale blonde base with soft undertones of vanilla, creating a delicate but bright blonde. Pure Vanilla Blonde is all about embracing lightness and radiance, giving your hair a heavenly glow.


2. Foxy Copper

For those red heads who want to make a bold statement, Foxy Copper is the perfect choice. This eye-catching hair colour trend infuses rich copper tones with fiery red undertones, creating a head-turning and vibrant look. Whether you have fair skin or a deeper complexion, this trend will bring out your inner confidence and individuality.


3. Gold Ribbon Brunette 

If you're a brunette looking to add dimension and shine to your hair, Gold Ribbon Brunette is the trend to try. This look combines deep brunette tones with golden highlights, adding depth and richness to your locks. 


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