Top 3 Tips on How to Prepare Your Hair for Summer Holiday Top 3 Tips on How to Prepare Your Hair for Summer Holiday

By Alex. Created on June 10, 2024

Vacation season is here, with many of us making plans for beach trips and days lounging around the pool, who’s got time to think about looking after their hair? The combination of sun, sea and chlorine can be tough on your locks, but with a little prep using an array of Josh Wood Colour products, you can save your hair this summer!

1. Start with a fresh hair colour 

Nothing says summer like bright, healthy hair. Josh Wood Colour’s Miracle System is the perfect option for a last minute refresh before your flight. The Miracle System’s permanent colour will enhance your hair’s hue and make it last all holiday-long, offering 100% grey coverage, 62% less breakage and 38% less colour fade. The Miracle Shot noticeably improves your hair health and protects it from breakage, leaving your hair fresh and prepped for your holiday. 

Vibrant Cherry Red HairImage Credit: Josh Wood Colour's Pinterest

2. Sun Safety - Use Hair Care with SPF

We all know the importance of sunscreen for skin protection, but did you know your hair needs protection too? Josh Wood Colour’s Miracle Mask will not only hydrate and moisturise your hair, but it will also protect your locks whilst you bask in the sun thanks to its built in UV filter.

sun damaged hairImage Credit: Pinterest

3. Post Pool Protection - Avoid Chlorine Damage to Your Hair

Chlorine and salt water are not your hair’s best friends, they can cause dryness and damage, especially if your hair is coloured. After a dip in the pool or ocean, rinse your hair with fresh and cold water and apply the Miracle Mask to nourish and hydrate it the hair after the pool or beach. Leave on for 5-20 minutes or even use it to slick back your hair to give your hair the ultimate hydration. Josh Wood Colour’s Hair Glosses act as a hair mask and colour revitaliser in one. Application after exposure to saltwater or chlorine will prevent your hair from getting dry and tangled as well as eliminating any unwanted green tones from the chlorine. 

chocglossImage Credit: Josh Wood Colour

Josh Wood Colour’s products offer everything you need to maintain gorgeous and healthy hair this summer. From the easy to use Miracle System for fresh colour to the nourishing Miracle Mask treatment, Josh Wood Colour products are tried and trusted to keep your hair looking its best for the holiday season.

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