What Colour Will Make Hair Look Thicker

Created on February 1, 2024

While genetics and hair care play a significant role in hair thickness, did you know that the right hair colour can create an illusion of fuller, voluminous locks? Our team of experts are here to explore the art of using hair colour to make your hair appear thicker and share some tricks and techniques that will add depth and dimension to your mane!

1. Opt for Darker Shades:

To create the illusion of thicker hair, consider opting for a slightly darker hair colour. Darker shades tend to absorb more light, making your hair appear denser and fuller.  Please note that Josh Wood Colour is not designed to be transformative in nature, therefore, we would only recommend selecting a shade that is one more shade darker than your hair as it is now.

If you need help picking your colour then please book in for a video consultation with us here.

2. Opt for volume boosting care and touch up. 

Use of volume boosting care products can give your hair the added boost and volume. We recommend using the Josh Wood Colour Miracle Shampoo and Conditioner for Fine and Fragile Hair for added volume whilst of course providing your hair with beautiful conditioning benefits. 

Also for those with a sparse hair line consider using a Root Touch Up to give the appearance of a fuller and thicker hair line. Our experts recommend opting for our Root Smudge Powder for this, as it provides a natural blend whilst giving the illusion of a fuller hair line. 


3.  Highlights and Lowlights. 

We commonly get asked will highlights make my hair look thicker. Strategic placement of highlights and lowlights can work wonders in making your hair look thicker. By adding lighter and darker tones throughout your hair, you create contrast and dimension, which visually adds volume. 

4. Consider a Professional Consultation:

When it comes to achieving the desired effect of thicker-looking hair through colour, consulting with a professional colourist is crucial. They can assess your hair type, texture, and colour, and recommend the most suitable techniques and shades that will enhance your hair's thickness. Book your video consultation with us here.


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