How to find the most flattering hair colours for darker skin with our Josh Wood Colour experts

The list of flattering hair colours and styles for darker skin is endless. Show off your flawless skin to its best with colour ideas that are bold and fiery or subtle and golden, there are styles and ideas for skin tone. With the expert advice of our Master Colourist Issie Churcher, you can go wild with golden or burgundy highlights, balayage with blonde or red or colour block with icy blue or add subtle ombre with coloured copper edges and tips.   

How to find the most flattering hair colours for darker skin with our Josh Wood Colour experts

Multi-dimensional Red

Adding subtle, red highlights that blend into your natural hair colour are a great way to add depth to your colour and can really pop on medium to dark skin tones.  The advantages are that they are low-maintenance and can give your hair a complete do-over without worrying about the roots.  A darker shade of red is more complementary to darker skin tones, look for something that is more on the copper side as this looks more natural against darker skin and won’t look harsh. 

Burgundy and Ruby red hair shades are an excellent choice for an ombre. 

How to find the most flattering hair colours for darker skin with our Josh Wood Colour experts 

High-Gloss Colour for Darker Skin Tones

If you want a subtle hair colour for darker skin and don’t want to go wild with colour then gloss is an easy way to create just that. Gloss adds shine to your hair making it look healthy and luminous whilst also giving you the options to change the tone of your hair by adding warm or cooling hues depending on what you want.  Gloss comes in lots of different colours and is a great way to add colour and works is great for darker skin tones.  Smokey brunette gloss is perfect for dark/cool skin tones and is a great way to neutralise any red tones. 

How to find the most flattering hair colours for darker skin with our Josh Wood Colour experts


Chunky Highlights and Balayage Hair Colour for Dark Skin

Think of large chunky highlights around the face that give that sun-kissed look and works perfectly against darker skin tones adding warmth, think Oprah’s honey brown highlights or Halle Berry.  If that is too much of a colour transition and you’ve never coloured your hair before then you can start with hazelnut highlights which deliver depth and gives a warm rich brown shade and complements warm and cool skin tones.  If you are feeling daring, then try going hazelnut all over.  Another great colour for highlights on dark hair is warm burgundy highlights or if you’re feeling fiery, dark red which looks great on textured curls. 

If you are looking for an all-over colour that looks natural, then a soft chocolate brown shade looks great on dark skin tones or you can enhance dark bases with a chocolate or caramel tone using balayage or highlights which are great at enhancing dark and warm skin tones. 

Bright Colours

Blue reef is a great colour on dark hair bases and looks amazing against black and brown skin tones.  The bolder the blue the better. If you have warm undertones then go for a warmer version of blue, and if you have cooler tones then go for an ashier shade to complement your skin tone.  Purple is also another bright and daring shade that looks great on all skin tones.  You can choose between light and dark deep purple, or you can mix the two shades together to give more depth and luminosity to your hair colour.  If you aren’t channeling your inner Prince just yet but want to have some fun then violet is a great colour to try as it’s subtler and looks absolutely gorgeous on darker skin tones. 



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