The Ultimate Hair Colours For 2024

As the cosier months start and we slowly get ready to welcome the year of 2024, it is the perfect time to get some hair inspo and embrace the current hair colour trends that will define the future of hair. From Chestnut Brunette to Apple Cider Copper our team of experts are here with the top hair colour trends that will have everyone talking in 2024. 

1. Chestnut Brunette:

Chestnut Brunette is a timeless and elegant hair colour that seamlessly blends warm brown tones with subtle hints of red. You can achieve this shade at home using the Josh Wood Colour Chestnut Brunette Gloss for a glossy rich mocha shade. 

The Ultimate Hair Colours For 2024

2. Champagne Blonde:

This trend is all about embracing warmth and brightness. Champagne Blonde is a warm and radiant shade that embodies the perfect balance between golden honey and soft buttery tones. For an effortlessly sun-kissed tone use the Josh Wood Colour Champagne Blonde Gloss.

For those needing grey coverage, try mixing in a Champagne Shade Shot with your Permanent Colour.

“With blonde champagne, we've created a natural blonde that does not yellow. It's slightly softer on the skin than a very pale, bleached out look. It's like the nude make-up version of hair.” - Josh Wood

The Ultimate Hair Colours For 2024

3. Chocolate Brunette:

If you're looking to embrace a sultry and but warm tone. Dark Chocolate Brunette is the trend for you. This rich and indulgent shade takes brown hair to the next level by infusing it with deep warm undertones. Achieve this shade at home using the Josh Wood Colour Chocolate Gloss and leaving the colour to develop for 10 minutes on light hair and 20 minutes on darker hair. 

The Ultimate Hair Colours For 2024

4. Apple Cider Copper. 

Apple Cider Copper adds a touch of spice and playfulness to your hair, with a warm golden tone. On blonde and light brunette hair Apple Cider Copper can be easily achieved using the Josh Wood Colour semi-Permanent Copper Gold Gloss on light brunette hair. 

The Ultimate Hair Colours For 2024


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