Gina, 25, who hates the reddish tint to her home-dyed hair copy

Gina Smith, 25, nurse, from Ireland living in Kent
“I love my hair and always have done, I plan my whole day around if my hair looks good, and my outfit revolves around my hair I noticed my first grey around age 22/23, when I moved over the UK from Ireland. I started to use a box colour, but found I’d get an undertone of red around the hairline, and my entire colour came out with a red hue – it didn’t look good or natural, and I just wanted to cover my greys, not change the colour of my hair.
"I currently just have a few greys under the top layer of my hair, I’m like 5% grey. I hate it, and it’s especially bad as I work as a nurse, which means I have to pull my hair back in a ponytail, and you can see the greys really badly. It not only makes me look older, it makes me look more stressed!
"I started to colour my hair as soon as I started to see the greys, to be honest, I wouldn’t have coloured hair otherwise, I just assumed dying the whole thing at home would be easiest thing to do.
"My dream hair looks like Kate Middleton’s – long, wavy and glossy. I try to recreate this by growing my hair, but it hits a certain length and wont grow anymore. I also put waves in it daily with a hair straightener, but I think this gives me the split ends that stops it growing.”
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