How to create Daenerys Targaryen's iconic braid

To celebrate the Game of Thrones Season 8 finale (and because we still haven't accepted the fact that the show's going to be over quite yet!), we challenged expert stylist Adam Embleton to put his own spin on Daenerys Targaryen's iconic braid. Daenerys' ruling ambitions may have hit a few obstacles in the past, but her hair legacy lives on! Adam walks us through how to recreate her gorgeous braid, below.

"Our model, Ronnie, has extremely long hair. Although Daenerys always has curls, I think I'd like to play up the long, sleek aspect of Ronnie's hair - which will also emphasise the texture on top when we braid it".

Adam gets technical...

"Start by sectioning the hair into four parts - three for braids, leaving the bottom part down."

"Starting on the final 'for braiding' section - Dutch braid both sides of the hair, meeting in the middle."

"When both braids meet in the middle, secure them with an elastic band, leaving the ends loose, to form a long ponytail".

"Then repeat this step, so that you have two Dutch braids stacked on top of each other, and secure, as before, with elastic bands".

"Now braid the top section slightly differently - create two loose, regular braids that do not attach to the head. When these braids are braided as far in as the others, secure them with clips and let them hang loosely to the side, as they will form part of the larger braid later".

"With the remaining hair at the crown of the head, secure it in an elastic, without braiding. Lift the main braid and slide this ponytail underneath it, to create a smooth base for the two loose braids to sit atop of".

"Then, taking both of the loose braids from the side of the head, secure them together in the middle with some pins, to give a really densely braided effect".

"Tuck the two ends of these braids under the main structure of the braid, as before. This is a layering technique to create voluminous, stacked braids, to mimic Daenerys'".

"With all your braid ends tucked under, you should end up with a ponytail, where only the hair around the front and crown is braided - as shown here".

"To make the joins of all the braids appear cohesive and chic, wrap a small strand of the ponytail around the band, to hide it. Secure this by tucking the ends under the elastic, and pinning it at the back".

"Finally, instead of curling the rest of the hair like how Daenerys wears hers, we wanted to emphasise the length of Ronnie's hair. You are welcome to curl yours if you would like, but I blowdried the majority of the hair straight, and then flat ironed the ends, for a super sleek look".

"The contrast of the sleek lengths really emphasised the texture the braids created on top".

"And here's the end result! My take on Daenerys Targaryen's iconic braid".

So go forth and prosper; ride dragons, slay slave masters and conquer cities! But if all else fails, not to worry - at least your hair looks great!

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