How To: Party Ponytail

Looking for an easy, chic up-do for the party season? We speak to Josh Wood Colour Stylist Adam Embleton to find out his tips for a gorgeous, festive look.

This look is great for disguising second day hair. It also allows you to play with your hair’s natural texture, so doesn’t require a lot of hot tool styling, or too many products. Once you’ve mastered the look, it’s a super quick and easy ‘desk to dancefloor’ look, that’s as chic as it is convenient (it’s also understated enough to wear to work the next day!).

Josh says, 'A ponytail allows for more volume in clothes, and with a lot of oversized looks on the runway making their way to the high street this season, a strict hairstyle - such as a tight ponytail - works better to complement them, so that the look is balanced'.

Step one:

Brush your hair out with your fingers. This smooths the hair slightly and removes any knots, but still allows your hair’s natural texture to be visible in the ponytail and emphasises air-dried waves.

Step two - Tong a few face framing pieces of the hair. 


Step three:

Gather hair into a low ponytail, then pull out pieces at the crown so that the ponytail isn't scraped back - it gives a more effortless, weightless look.

Spray the crown with texture spray to further undo the look, Adam recommends using Redken Windblown Dry Texturising Spray.

Step four:

Wrap hair over ponytail and secure with pins so that it looks seamless, then spray lengths with texture spray.

Step five:

Backcomb at the base of the ponytail to give the illusion of height and thickness.

Now keep it under control...

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