How To Get Fluffy Hair

By Lauren. Created on May 10, 2023

If you're looking for a hairstyle with a nice balance of volume, texture, and a smooth finish, fluffy hair is ideal.

Unlike frizzy or poofy hair, which can appear dry and unruly, fluffy hair offers a perfect blend of fullness and manageability.

Fluffy hair isn't limited by your hair's natural characteristics. You can achieve fantastic fluffiness whether your hair is straight, curly, long, short, blonde, or brunette.

All it takes is the right techniques and the right products.

Below, we'll give you five ways to give your hair that irresistible fluff:

  • Using hot rollers

  • Tying your hair in a bun

  • Diffusing

  • Back-combing

  • Dyeing your hair

Use Hot Rollers

Hot rollers heat up and curl your hair without using direct heat. They come in different sizes, allowing you to choose the ones that best suit your hair length and the level of curliness you desire.

Hot rollers can breathe life into your locks, giving them both volume and bounce. To effectively use hot rollers, spray a setting spray on your dry hair. Roll your strands around the rollers and give them time to cool down.

Once you've removed the rollers, a little shake or a gentle run-through with your fingers can add the final touch of fluffiness.

Tie Your Hair in a Bun

Tying your hair in a bun is a super easy way to get fluffy hair overnight without the need for heat or additional products. It helps lift your hair off your scalp, infusing it with volume and natural movement.

To give it a try, pull your damp hair into a high but relaxed bun, securing it with either an elastic band or a fabric headband. You can leave your hair in the bun overnight or until it's fully dry.

Diffuse Your Hair

A diffuser attaches to your hairdryer and is designed to style and dry your hair without contributing to frizz or damage. It works by evenly and gently distributing heat, helping to increase volume and texture.

Apply a volumising mousse or spray to your damp hair for the best results. Next, flip your head upside down and use the diffuser while blow-drying your hair upward. During this process, feel free to scrunch your hair with your hands or the diffuser to maximise fluffiness.

Back-Comb Your Hair

Back-combing is a traditional method to inject some serious volume. It’s most effective for fine or straight hair and will leave your hair looking fuller and thicker.

Start with dry hair and divide it into manageable sections. Using a fine-toothed comb and short strokes, comb each section in reverse (from ends towards the roots). A quick spritz of hairspray on each section before combing can help set the volume for longer-lasting fluffiness.

Once you've teased all sections, gently comb over the top layer of your hair to give it a smooth finish.

Dye Your Hair

Believe it or not, dyeing your hair can also offer the fluffy volume you crave. Colouring your hair lifts the cuticles, making the strands more porous. This increased porosity helps your hair absorb moisture and styling products more effectively.

The colouring process doesn't just change your hair's hue; it can also add vibrancy and shine, further enhancing your hair's overall volume and fluffiness.

Remember to choose a colour that compliments your skin tone and suits your style. You can use an at home kit or opt for a professional touch at a salon.

We offer three great options to help you choose the right colour:

  • Using our Miracle Steps tool.

  • A video consultation with the world's best colourists

  • Email a picture of your hair to our client delight team to get an expert recommendation. 

Aftercare is really important when you dye your hair; using colour safe shampoos and conditioners and deep conditioning regularly with a mask (like our Miracle Mask) can keep your hair colour looking great for longer and help stop any dryness or damage.

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