Caramel - Hair Gloss


Switch up your hair colour with our Caramel Gloss, a deeply conditioning semi-permanent Caramel hair colour treatment mask. Designed to be used between salon appointments or at-home hair colour sessions. This buttery brunette topcoat is ideal for enhancing the richness of dark blonde and brown hair, plus balayage, adding warm caramel tones and a premium gloss finish. Professionally formulated and full of Shea Butter and Perilla Oil, Gloss refreshes hair colour, stops fade, nourishes and conditions hair. 100% vegan.

Not designed for use on bleached highlights or Josh Wood Colour Permanent Colours 7 to 9, or to cover grey hair.

What Josh formulated this for...Salon fresh colour and condition in a weekly treatment mask for natural or coloured hair.


Discover Glosses for other shades.

  • High Shine
  • Conditioning
  • Lasts 6 Washes

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Josh Talks Gloss

“I designed Gloss to refresh hair colour vibrancy, shine and condition between colouring. Caramel Gloss enhances the richness of brunette colour, adding honey-like tones for an effortlessly polished finish.

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