3 Wedding Hairstyles to Try

Summer is here in full force, and that can only mean one thing...

Love is in the hair!

By which we mean, it's wedding season!

We spoke to 3 of our most wonderful hair stylists from the Josh Wood Colour Atelier (well, they're all wonderful, actually) to give you some wedding hair styling inspiration. These easy 3 wedding hair looks are great if you're part of the ceremony, a guest at the reception - or even the bride!


1. Boho Bridesmaid 

By Pete Burkill


3 Wedding Hairstyles to Try


This wedding hair style is great because it looks 'done', but not complicated or fussy. It's a simple, pretty and easy to do hairstyle for weddings or any summer occasion. We LOVE this even more when styled with bright colours or a soft balayage. 

 You'll need a curling wand or tong, a brush, a small hair tie and some pins. 

  1. If your base shade is light enough, use our Peach Blush Glaze as a starting base for that summer hair colour. It's optional, but we love it as a sophisticated take on the pastel hair colour trend. 
  2. Comb wet hair into a centre parting, and brush through. 
  3. Apply your favourite thickening product and heat protector, then roughly blow-dry your hair.
  4. Randomly tong sections of hair into loose waves, making sure to curl hair away from your face. 
  5. Take 2 sections of hair from the front of your head and secure together at the back with an elastic. 
  6. Twist hair in on itself by taking the small ponytail you've created, and flipping it towards the head, and then down and out again. This will create that pretty twist. Twisting once looks great, or you can twist the hair twice like Pete's done here. You can make it messier by loosening strands with your fingers.
  7. Secure with pins anywhere that needs support, and finish with hairspray. 


2. Hollywood Glam Waves

by Matt Hawes


3 Wedding Hairstyles to Try


Sometimes, you can't beat the classics, and that's how we feel about these soft, glamourous Hollywood waves. This wavy wedding hairstyle is perfect for any hair length below the chin and will still look fantastic even as the curls begin to drop.

  1. Start on clean, wet hair. 
  2. Prep hair with a firm hold hair styling mousse.
  3. Rough dry hair with a hairdryer until hair is completely dry. 
  4. Take small sections of hair and spray each with hairspray. 
  5. Tong hair with a hair curler from root to ends and clip each section of hair as you go along. 
  6. Allow 5 minutes for hair to cool. 
  7. Remove clips and brush through each section gently.
  8. Style your waves into your desired placement. 
  9. Finish with more hairspray and shine spray to add the extra glamour!

As we know, wavy hair looks even better when the hair colour is fresh. Whether you cover greys, dye your hair, have highlights or balayage, a Gloss is THE perfect refresh for lengths and ends. As a semi-permanent hair conditioning treatment, Gloss refreshes the colour tone of your hair whilst giving it a boost of shine and nourishment. With a whole collection of colours to choose from, it'll give your hair the love it needs to make the wedding guests say 'Ooh, your hair looks great!'


3. Twisted hair up-do

by Mike Mahoney


3 Wedding Hairstyles to Try

 For a chic, elegant hair up-do for your wedding hairstyle plans, look no further. This wedding hair-do looks smart without being too complicated. Pair with pretty earrings to complete the look. 

Start with dry hair. You'll need some pins, an elastic and a brush. This is a great option if you're looking to avoid heat styling for a gorgeous heat-free hair style. 

  1. Prep your hair with thickening or volume spray. 
  2. Backcomb around the crown areas at root. Do more than you actually want, then brush through to desired volume. 
  3. Curl small sections of hair with a curling wand or tong for added volume (optional). 
  4. Making sure to leave a section out at the front on either side, pull hair back into low pony and secure with a clear elastic. 
  5. Twist and pull the front strands back and twist around the elastic that's holding the ponytail
  6. Rope braid the ponytail and secure with another elastic. How to do a rope braid? Split hair into two and twist both sections clockwise. Then, wrap them around each other (braiding downwards) in the opposite clockwise direction. If you can't do a rope braid or don't like them, a traditional 3 part braid will also work well! 
  7. Twist the braid you've created up into a bun, and secure with pins. 
  8. Finish with hairspray to help hold hair in your beautiful wedding hairstyle!

A few stray grey hairs coming through that you'd rather hide? Not to worry. Our range of Root Touch-up Concealers has you covered for a quick-fix. We love the Airbrush Root Spray as an on-the-go grey hair coverage tool to instantly and precisely cover grey roots or regrowth - perfect for when you haven't had time to touch up the hair colour properly. And, it's handbag sized.  

And that's it! 3 different wedding hair looks for long and medium hair, perfect for you to experiment with. Opt for Hollywood Waves if you're going to be wearing a hat, as this will look great and a hat won't squash your hard hairdressing work. Or, for a more feminine look, the Boho Bridesmaid look will work with flowers added into the twist. The classy look of the twisted hair up-do will look fantastic with backless dresses. Loving the hair styling inspiration? Head over to our Instagram for video tutorials for all the summer hair inspiration you could want.

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