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Cat Deeley’s hairstyle

Cat Deeley, the British presenter, author and actress, is effortlessly glamorous.  Whether presenting a television programme such as ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ on Fox, or out and about in everyday life, Cat always looks polished.  Nowhere is this truer than Cat’s hair, which she regularly entrusts into the expert hands of Mads-Sune Lund, a Creative Master Colourist at the Josh Wood Colour Atelier.

Many of us grew up watching Cat on a Saturday morning when she presented ‘SM:TV Live’ with Ant and Dec.  She was also a presenter on the popular show ‘CD:UK’.  At that time, Cat had a number of different hairstyles, one of which was a brunette updo with a hint of caramel through the ends of her hair. 





A few months ago, Cat posted a photograph on Instagram of herself aged 14 when she sported a gorgeous bob that framed her face perfectly.  Even in her younger days, Cat never put a foot wrong, with her hair always looking fabulous!





More recently, Cat has favoured a longer style, which is extremely versatile.  Cat can channel her inner beach goddess with loose waves (perfect for her recent LA lifestyle) or dial up her look for the red carpet with a straight and sleek hairstyle.  How do you wear yours?  Let us know on Instagram by using #JoshWoodColour!






Cat Deeley’s lockdown hair

When hair salons sadly had to close due to the COVID-19 lockdowns, Cat, like many other people around the world, was unable to have a regular appointment with a salon colourist.  Cat therefore turned to her husband, Patrick Kielty, who took on the task of colouring her hair at home (and on his 50th birthday, no less).  Cat posted a video of the process on Instagram, with the opening remark of “Fernando is about to open his salon”!  The amazing results could be seen when Cat arrived to present Radio 2 a few days later.

Patrick shows how straightforward it is to achieve flawless colour at home and that is especially true when you use our Miracle System, which makes it as easy as ABC!

Cat’s blonde bombshell vibes

Cat’s blonde hair is always vibrant and natural-looking.  She consistently avoids any brassiness that can be a risk with blonde hair if you don’t take proper care of it and instead is known for having glowing, sumptuously soft hair.  A consistent and high quality haircare routine is so important, so show your hair some love with our at home range of expertly-formulated haircare. 




Cat also demonstrates that blonde is never boring, with endless possibilities for adding variety into your hair colour and style.  There is a radiant blonde look for every day of the year!




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