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It may nearly be the end of dry Jan, but here’s why you need some Champagne Blonde in your life. The soft blonde shade, named after the bubbles, is the perfect flattering colour for this time of year. Many people think blondes fall into two camps; cool or golden. Cool Champagne Blonde hair provides an in-between option; it is a neutral warm, that doesn't have too much yellow and isn't too ashy or flat. It's a great colour for this time of year, when your skin is feeling sallow and sun-deprived as it can brighten up your overall look. You might not of heard of the colour yet, but you’ll have seen it on the heads of Sienna Miller, Saoirse Ronan and Elle Macpherson.

As Josh showcased the sparkling hue on This Morning, we spoke to the team on why you should make Champagne Blonde your next mane move.

With blonde champagne, we've created a natural blonde that does not yellow. It's slightly softer on the skin than a very pale, bleached out look. It's like the nude make-up version of hair.

by Josh Wood

'Emily is a modern way to highlight', says Josh. 'Traditional highlights would go right up to the root, but what we've done here is blend Emily's natural colour at the root so it seamlessly turns from a dark blonde into a sun-kissed gold,' he explains. The team also added ultra-flattering, lighter, frame-framing pieces. ‘It gives the illusion of an all-over glow similar to using a bronzer. It’s a relatively subtle change for Emily’, says Atelier Colourist Marley Xavier, ‘but just noticeable enough to look fresh and new.’ Emily's colour was finished with our Champagne Blonde Gloss that you can use at home to refresh colour in-between salon visits.

The Bright Refresh

Aine was the team's biggest transformation; going from a mid-brown to a beautiful, bright blonde. To create this striking colour Josh and the team used a mixture of traditional balayage and foliyage lights. 'On a short dynamic style, I always like a punchy colour towards the front of the head', says Josh. 'We've almost graded the colour out. The strongest pieces of champagne are at the front, where hair naturally gets sun-kissed. The back always remains a little darker.' This is a double process, and to maintain the integrity of the hair, would usually take two salon appointments, recommends Marley. Aine’s skin tone is naturally quite rosy, so a golden blonde could clash and an ashy blonde could look grey against it. ‘The Champagne shade has really brought Aine’s modern cut to life’, says Josh.

Champagne Curls

Champagne Blonde can be tailored for all skin tones. On Cheyanne the team added in some golden highlights to compliment her gorgeous skin tone. 'We coloured individual curls with hand-painted balayage, without taking it to the roots. This way the colour feels grounded and prevents it looking stripy,' says Josh. ‘With curly hair you have to be careful not to over process it’, says Marley, ‘as it can lead to straightening or relaxing the curls.’ It’s really important to keep it nourished and cared for, and not go too light. It’s nice and natural change for Cheyanne; minimum maintenance but maximum impact.

For dramatic colour changes we always recommend visiting a salon, as they can guide you through the process. That being said, it is possible to create a hint of Champagne Blonde at home. Use our Champagne Blonde Gloss for the ultimate beachy-blonde, even in the dark depths of January.

‘Our gloss pumps up the golden tones of your hair and conditions it at the same time. It also makes hair easier to manage, with less frizz, and easier to style. Plus it’s vegan and full of natural ingredients, with zero sulphates. It’s Gloss that’s kind to hair,’ says Josh. Champagne Blonde strands seriously look their best when gleaming. To minimise fading use a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner. Our best-selling duo will keep your hair clean, conditioned.

Now's never been a better time to sparkle...

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