How to get the best from your consultation

Although you won’t actually undergo a hair transformation during your consultation, it’s arguably the most important part of your whole salon experience. This is the time when your colourist & stylist work in unison to understand your vision, but also offer their experience and guidance. It can be confusing to know what to do at a consultation to make sure your cut and colour is exactly what you want– especially if it’s your first time. With the help of expert stylist Adam Embleton, we’ve put together a little guide to getting the most out of your consultation – what to say, what to ask, and what to bring.

What to say...

How to get the best from your consultation

“It’s important to relay your desired result, but equally what you don’t like about your current style. This helps create a plan to achieve that end goal and it manages expectations; the results may not be instant, and colour transformations - or growing tedious fringes out - can take multiple appointments. It's good to nail down what you do want, what you don't want, and how long it will take”

“Tell your colourist and stylist how you normally manage your hair; your washing & drying routine, how often you normally visit a salon, and whether your lifestyle impacts your hair (for example, if you swim frequently), so that they can tailor treatments specifically to you. If you have colour in your hair but only visit a salon twice a year, the colour placement will be different to someone who visits regularly, to help assist the grow out process to look as natural as possible. It's important to know these things".

What to ask...

“There’s no particular questions you should ask, it’s most important you know you can ask whatever you want – there are no silly questions, and nothing is off limits - we've seen and heard it all! Feel free to enquire about anything; from what shampoo to use, to homemade remedies, to how to style your new look yourself at home”.


"Also, feel free to ask for our opinions! Don't feel like you need to come to the salon with a colour and style set in your mind in order to make an appointment, there can always be changes and tweaks, it can - and should be - a collaborative process".

How to get the best from your consultation

What to bring...

How to get the best from your consultation

“It might seem outdated, but visual references are always useful – it doesn’t have to be a picture from a hair magazine, simply bring a picture of a celebrity’s hair that you like – I’d recommend saving photos of hairstyles you like when you come across them on Instagram, so you have a variety for us to go through. It can also be useful to bring a picture of what you don’t like – then it’s easy to figure out the opposite”.

"A reason I like clients to bring photos to the consultation is to ensure the language the stylist and client are using match - for example, a client may say she wants 'ashy' hair when she means neutral hair - seeing a visual reference helps us to make sure your request doesn't get lost in translation. Terminology might sometimes be confusing, but it's very easy to show on a picture what you do and don't like".

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