Your top Josh Wood Colour FAQs

Thousands of you have sent over comments and questions for Josh over the last few weeks (keep sending them our way here). Aside from tailored colour tips, some questions continue to come up time and time again, so we figured it was about time we shared answers to the most frequently asked questions so far…

How do I cover stubborn greys when I’m colouring my hair?

Josh’s permanent colours offer 100% grey coverage, so technique really is everything. The trick here is to take your time and really make sure you’ve caught every last grey. Stubborn greys tend to appear around your hairline, so it’s worth paying particular attention to this area when you apply your colour. Just try to avoid catching any baby hairs in your barrier cream as this will stop the colour from developing here – you can always use your stain removing wipe to get rid of any excess colour when you’ve finished applying your colour (and after it’s developed). 

covering stubborn greys

Will your permanent colours affect the condition of my hair? 

For years Josh has been hearing concerns from his clients about the long term damage colouring hair can cause. And whilst we developed our Permanent Hair Colour to be extra kind to hair we've always wanted to do more to address these concerns, which is why we developed the Miracle Shot. Think of Miracle Shot like a multivitamin for the hair; containing Omega 3, 6 and Vitamin E to increase elasticity and hydration, as well as Vitamin B3, which stimulates scalp blood flow, promotes hair growth, and provides additional moisturising benefits. 'I’ve incorporated the Miracle Shot into my Miracle System, which transforms home hair colour rituals. says Josh' When used together, for the first time, the more you colour your hair, the more you improve the long term condition. Expect softer, stronger hair that looks and feels so much healthier.

What is your Shade Shot? 

Shade Shot is a unique colour innovation that allows you to customise your hair colour finish and add a rich mix of tones that are personal to you. It's the second step in our Miracle System, to guarantee stronger, softer, healthier hair. 

How do I stop my colour from fading?

All colours fade over time, of course, but you can delay fade with Josh’s shade-specific shampoos, conditioners and the Miracle Mask. Josh’s care products are packed with ingredients which will make your colour more vibrant whilst cleansing and nourishing your hair. You can find more info on caring for your colour here. If you find your colour tends to fade with unwanted tones, you might want to try a Shade Shot Gloss. This will warm up or cool down your colour and counteract fade so, for example: if you’re blonde and your colour tends to go a bit brassy you might want to try the Icy Blonde Shade Shot Gloss. If you feel like your colour goes a bit flat and you’d like to add some warmth, try Champagne Blonde. Brunettes who are battling brassiness should try Smoky Brunette, and those looking to add richer tones, Chestnut Brunette.

How do I use a Gloss?

Gloss refreshes your hair colour, stops fade, nourishes and conditions hair for the ultimate, super shine finish. Gloss hair treatment is simple, just apply as a weekly conditioning mask, take a look at our how-to videos for a walk-through.

How do I know which root concealer to choose?

This all comes down to how much grey you have to cover and personal preference, but here’s a rundown to help you pick the best product for you: If you have individual stray greys, you should try the Root Marker. This is perfect for colouring away any greys as and when they pop through. Keep it in your handbag to top up your coverage whenever you need it. If you want instant coverage, try the Airbrush Root Spray. This will cover greys, add volume and it’s perfect if you haven’t had chance to wash your hair. If your grey comes through gradually or in patches, the Blending Brush could work well for you. As the name suggests, this blends away roots and will keep grey at bay in-between your permanent colour applications. Head over to our how and when to use the root concealers post to see the products in action.

Will the root concealers run if I get caught in the rain?

Think of the root concealers in the same way as you would make-up – you can remove the products if you need to, so they’re not 100% water resistant. With that being said, you don’t need to worry about getting caught in a bit of rain – they’ll stay put within reason!

I find the root concealers messy to apply – how can I stop this?

If you find the semi-permanent colour in the Blending Brush tricky to control, Josh always recommends layering up the colour. Try to load up the brush gradually, lift your hair away from the scalp and then apply the product. You can always go back over any areas that need a bit more coverage before you dry the colour in.

Are you cruelty-free?

None of the products in the Josh Wood Colour system are tested on animals.

Are your products vegan?

Everything in the Josh Wood Colour system is vegan, apart from the Root Marker. They contain beeswax, so they’re suitable for vegetarians.

Do your hair colour products contain PPD?

Our hair colour products do not contain PPD. We use an ingredient called Toluene-2,5-diamine sulphate (known as PTD) which belongs to the same chemical family as PPD and works in a similar way to activate the colouring pigments for permanent hair colour. While Toluene-2,5-diamine sulphate has a similar chemical structure to PPD, it has been found to cause fewer allergic reactions. However, a small number of people can still experience a reaction to this ingredient and that is why it is important to carry out an allergy alert test 48 hours before using the product every time you colour your hair. Got a specific question?

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