How to battle brassiness in brunettes

Blondes aren't the only ones who battle brassiness. Brunettes are also prone to oxidising which can bring out warm tinges. We heard from so many of you that you wanted to neutralise these unwanted orange or red tones, so Josh formulated Shade Shot Gloss Smoky Brunette. Just as purple tones can work wonders to brighten blondes, blue tones can be equally transformative for brown hair brassiness. 

Farrah loves her natural hair colour but battles brassiness, particularly in her ends. Here she and Josh talk through how to use Shade Shot Gloss in Smoky Brunette to keep the strength in her striking natural colour.

And here, our team answer some of your most popular questions.

Will the Gloss cover the odd grey?

The Gloss will blend & blur any stray greys, for full coverage use our Permanent Colour and Shade Shot Plus.

Can the Gloss only be used on coloured hair?

The Gloss has designed to be used by everyone! Whether your hair is coloured or natural, created in the salon or at-home, there's a gloss for you.

Which shade should I use on balayage?

Smoky Brunette has been designed to cool down unwanted warmth in brown hair. For lighter balayaged pieces try one of our Blonde glosses.


What will the result be?

A super shiny, soft to touch, smoky brunette!

Just used the Smoky Brunette on non-coloured hair. Bloomin’ lovely. Hair feels really conditioned, smooth & shiny. Doesn’t cover greys but they’re certainly more subtle! 👌


I have just used the Smoky Brunette. My hair looks amazing. Colour is perfect, hair is swishy, smooth and glossy. The best it’s looked for a while. Will stock up! I just love it .Thank you so much xx


It also left my hair super, super soft and shiny as well as smelling SO GOOD! It's hard to put my finger on but the scent is so fresh and gorgeous and I can't get over the just-stepped-out-of-the-salon softness. I'm really pleased with how this glossing toner worked!


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