How to: Keep your blonde bright during isolation

We know the old saying 'blondes have more fun' is not ringing true for many of you blondes stuck at home right now dreaming of your salon. Rapidly growing roots and fast-fading salon colour isn't anyones idea of a good time. We're not going to lie to you, managing your blonde at home during isolation can be tricky. But fear not, there are solutions for being a blonde at-home. We sat down with Josh to ask him all of your burning questions, covering everything from highlighting and covering greys to how you can use this time to get your healthiest hair yet.

Firstly, step away from the permanent colour, or anything claiming to provide blonde highlights at home. "If you've got a dark regrowth and blonde ends the dark regrowth needs some kind of ammonia or hydrogen peroxide to lift it. In my thirty years experience I've haven't seen many great successes of this being achieved at home." We repeat, do not try highlighting yourself at home.

"Use this time to focus on the health and condition of your hair and let the pros handle your highlights when they return to work," recommends Josh. Treat your hair to weekly pampering sessions with our Everything Mask, designed to pro-long your colour, deeply condition, hydrate and protect the health of your hair.

While you may not be able lift your roots at home you can keep your blonde bright and fresh with a semi-permanent colour. Our Glosses are semi-permanent treatment colours housed in a deep-conditioning mask. Our Icy Blonde will banish any brassiness, whilst our Champagne Blonde will add sun-kissed tones.

Isolation is great time to have some fun with your hair and play with pastels. If you have a light blonde base there are various semi-permanent glazes out there you can use to cheer you and your hair up.

What can I do to conceal or blend in my grey roots?

"There are lots of root concealers out there to help you conceal your roots, and some can even help create the illusion of highlights," says Josh.

I have balayage in the salon, can I cover my roots at home?

Yes you can! "At home you would ‘root smudge’ your roots to cover the grey hair using a permanent colour to cover the roots, but you must protect the balayage in the ends. In the salon I would generally put a mask in the ends of the hair to to create a bit of a barrier, so when you’re washing off the permanent colour from the roots it doesn’t dull the ends. This can easily be done at home with an intensive hair mask, or you can apply something like my Shade Shot Gloss to boost or tone the colour at the ends at the same time.”

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