Charlotte Tilbury – Hair Colour Profile


The woman responsible for our make-up bag being full of gorgeous items is just as much of a fashion icon when it comes to her hair.

Charlotte Tilbury is a name you probably recognise from social media. She’s gathered a huge range of celebrity fans including Kate Moss, Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Blake Lively.



As the founder of her own brand, a Contributing Beauty Editor at British Vogue, and a Global Ambassador for Women for Women International, Charlotte’s schedule is packed full of exciting events, duties, and glamorous invitations. 

Despite the jetset lifestyle, her redhead mane never looks anything less than picture-perfect. Famous for her flowing auburn locks, Charlotte has previously opened up about how her love of makeup tied in with learning how to make the most of her enviable flame-red hair.



As a teen, she learnt that adding a touch of mascara lifted her appearance and made her feel more confident about standing out in a crowd. 

Fast forward to 2021 and Charlotte is instantly recognisable not only due to her flawless makeup application, but also because of her signature tousled red locks. She was born to stand out, and there’s nothing quite so eye-catching as red hair.

In an interview with Violet Grey, Charlotte opened up about her signature hair look, saying that her natural colour ties in with her bold personality: “My mother always said of me, ‘She’s a redhead, darling, and they’ve got loads of energy.’”



Even though she’s a big fan of experimenting with makeup, Charlotte keeps things comparatively simple when it comes to her hair. As someone who’s been styled at Josh Wood Colour, she’s keen on keeping her locks looking shiny, vibrant, and healthy.

Being constantly on-the-go means that her hair habits are all about efficiency. She credits Moroccan Oil with helping to smooth and nourish the ends of her hair and often carries a dry texturizing spray in her bag to help with pesky flyaways.

In terms of texture, Charlotte’s hair is thick and wavy and is typically worn loose and untied with a centre part and a soft face-framing fringe. 

Some might call it the crowning glory of her overall look, and that’s saying something when the person in question is literally Charlotte Tilbury, makeup artist to some of the biggest names in the world.

After all, when your natural colour looks ~this~ striking, why stray to the brunette or blonde side?

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