Easy Summer Hairstyles and Tips from the Experts

Summer hair care and hair styles are often associated with a more relaxed, care-free approach, in contrast to the more precisely-styled looks of Autumn and Winter. We love to experiment with more sunshine inspired hairstyles in the summer, so we asked our experts for their top summer hairstyling tips to provide some inspiration. 

Beachy Waves 

Beach waves? In summer? Groundbreaking. Just in case you need convincing to try out a wavy hairstyle that looks like you’ve just stepped off the beach, let us remind you of some of the best ways to achieve beautiful loose waves in your hair. 

For beach waves that last, it’s easiest to use a straightener or tong to create the perfect shape. "Always prep with a spray to give the hair texture, it's also key to protect your hair from the heat," says Nicholas Hardwick, Principal Stylist. Texture is key to the messy beach wave look. 

Play around with your tools to find the shape that works best for you. Here’s how our stylist Noemie does it, using the S waves technique:


Even better than this, try creating heatless waves. Practise your plaiting skills and create either one or 2 braids, depending on the shape you want to create. After applying a hair mask and drying hair with a turban to reduce frizz, plait hair when it is nearly dry, leave in overnight and then wake up to beautiful heat-free beach waves. Finish with some serum and run this through hair with your fingers (don’t brush!). 

Claw clips

Large hair clips, or claw clips, are having a big moment right now. They’re great for most hair lengths, and can be styled multiple ways for a ‘just chucked my hair up’ effortless summer hairstyle. 

Try a half up style by sectioning out the top part of your hair (following back behind your ears) or twist up into a Matilda Djerf inspired updo.






Messy Updo

The easiest summer hairstyle for when you want your hair up and are looking for that summertime done-but-undone hairstyle. 

Simple split hair into 2 sections and plait each one. Then, wrap them around each other and pin into a bun at your neck. Gently pull at it to loosen and add texture. To give it more of a relaxed look, pull out two sections at the front and quickly tong them to frame your face. Spray with a texturising hairspray, like we’ve done for our colourist Veronica here: 


The back of a woman's hair in a bun - Josh Wood Hair Colour Expert

And finally, Josh’s top tip for your best summer hair…

‘Whatever the weather, it’ll always be so important to use a good hair mask at least once a week. But particularly in summer, it matters a lot to not only keep your colour vibrant, but also to make it easier to style and manage’.

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