Elle Macpherson: Hairstyle and Hair Colour Profile

There’s nobody more iconic than Elle Macpherson when it comes to flying the flag for sunkissed blonde hair.

The supermodel is famous for her long tresses. Other than a short period of time in 2006 when she favoured a shoulder-grazing hair cut, Elle has consistently had gorgeous, cascading waves of warm blonde hair.

“I feel my hair influences my face and a good cut and colour changes everything,” she wrote on her column, Get The Gloss. “I’ve always worn it long, even when I was younger. My mum used to threaten to cut it off if I behaved inappropriately at all.”



As an Australian through and through, she celebrates effortlessly chic and versatile looks that can take her from the beach to the red-carpet without any intervention. 

Throughout her four-decade career, Elle has explored a range of hairstyles. She consults our very own Josh Wood for tailored advice on how to keep her hair turning heads.

So what hairstyle does Elle favour? She’s previously spoken up about her desire to rock “sexy, polished hair” but isn’t quite so keen on pulling all her hair back. In general, Elle is all about loose waves, hair colour dimension, and a 70s style centre part.



Occasionally, she switches things up with a poker-straight look. This classic hairstyle works well for day or night wear and is something fans can easily replicate from home with a good pair of straighteners. 

This pin-straight look can be unforgiving if hair appears dry or brittle, which is why Elle places so much importance on making sure her hair stays nourished, healthy, and protected against heat damage. Josh is a firm believer you can't have great colour without great condition. Treat your hair to a weekly deep-conditioning treatment, such as our Everything Mask, and invest in a shade-specific sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner, to keep your hair in optimum health. 

In her column, Elle often speaks up about how she takes a holistic approach to haircare. For the wellness mogul, hair is a reflection of her general health. That’s why she’s so dedicated to ensuring her diet is well-balanced and packed with nutrients.

Moisture is the most essential part of Elle’s hair routine. She’s previously opened up about trying old-fashioned techniques like washing hair in vinegar or beer to boost its natural shine. 




In terms of sun protection, Elle avoids the risk of developing any brassy tones in her hair colour by wearing a cowboy hat to shield her at the beach. You can banish brassiness at home with our Icy Blonde Gloss, or to emulate Elle's signature sun-kissed strands, try our Champagne Blonde Gloss instead. Her low-maintenance vibe can also be seen in her down-to-earth styling tips and tricks. 

Does Elle use a fancy A-list blowdrying technique? No! She lets her hair dry naturally by pulling her wet locks into a top knot. When she undoes the bun, those famous Elle Macpherson messy waves are already in place…

How much are you loving Elle’s effortless look?


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