Going Out Hairstyle Ideas


Date night, dinner out, cocktails, or even the local pub; with hospitality opening back up, our summer is looking to be a social one. Out with the loungewear, in with the going out clothes. Fancy something a bit more special for your hairstyle? We asked our expert JWC stylists for some of their favourite hairstyles going out for your social event. 


Twisted back

 by Jason Sutton

Going Out Hairstyle Ideas

'This is a great one for if you're really making the most of socialising and haven't had time to wash your hair', says Jason.

How to do a twisted back hairstyle:

  1. If you are lacking texture/wave, prep hair night before by braiding or add some waves with a tong before you start. 
  2. Prep hair with texture spray. 
  3. Part hair along natural parting and leave the front section out from both sides.
  4. Part the rest of the hair down the middle of the nape.
  5. Twist back each side, from the outside to the inside, pinning to secure as you go.
  6. Add more curls or texture spray if needed.

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Beach waves

By Mason Josh 

Going Out Hairstyle Ideas

Masons says, ‘This is the perfect look for those short of time and want to look done but undone’.

How to do beach waves:

  1. Prep with a soft hairspray.
  2. Section your hair into a hot cross bun section in accordance with your natural parting.
  3. Then take small sections, around 2inches thick, and spray the section with a light mist of hairspray.
  4. Tong the section by twisting the hair round the barrel but leaving around an inch at the bottom (depending on length of hair) straight.
  5. Whilst the hair is still hot, gently pull to loosen the curl into a wave.
  6. Repeat over the whole head. Make sure the hair around the face is always twisting away from the face.
  7. Twist some sections elsewhere in opposing directions to create interest.
  8. Finish with a texturizing spray or dry shampoo to give body and hold to create an effortless, undone look.

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Smooth it out

By Nicholas Hardwick 

Going Out Hairstyle Ideas


‘Boys - Now that you can go out - smarten it up by slickin’ it down.’

How to do a slick side part hairstyle:

  1. Start with wet hair and apply a moldable paste (can be soft clay or pomade). Avoid using hard setting gels as you don’t want this to be stiff. 
  2. Decide on desired parting and use a fine toothed comb to slick the hair down and back. 

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There we have it! Three ideas for hairstyles that’ll have you looking great for your next social event, without having to schedule too much time to do your hair beforehand.

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