Grey Stories - Kat, 23, who loves her greys so much she coloured her hair silver

Every woman goes grey differently; some when young, some when older, and some not at all. Here at Josh Wood Colour we want to help you on your grey journey, whatever the path may be. Whether you want to celebrate grey, or never see one again in your life, we can help. This is why we're sharing real women's grey stories, and today we talk to Kat, 23, who started going grey at 21, and loved it so much she decided to colour her hair silver to match.

Grey Stories - Kat, 23, who loves her greys so much she coloured her hair silver

"When I was growing up I had the same hair as my mum: a full-fringed bob. I was blonde growing up too, but my hair got darker as I got older. I always wanted long hair, so I started to grow it out when I was about six or seven"

"When I was a teenager I was in the emo stage and wanted crazy hair, but my mum wouldn’t let me because I went to a strict school where you’d get excluded for ‘unnaturally’ dyed hair and extreme cuts. I hated my hair as a teenager, I even tried to cut it myself. I guess I wanted to express myself with my hair, but I was restricted"

"When I started university, I box dyed my hair ginger and then bright red - but eventually found a salon with a stylist who understood what I wanted. Since then, I’ve had pink streaks, blonde streaks, a full fringe, no fringe, a blue crop and I've even shaved my head - but now I have a silver pixie cut. I love my hair now I can do what I want with it, and I've found the right stylist who can take my ideas and make them work"

"I noticed my first grey hair at 21, and I surprised myself because I thought I would hate it but I loved it! I thought it was really quirky and even though it was totally unexpected, I was sort of proud of it!"

Grey Stories - Kat, 23, who loves her greys so much she coloured her hair silver
Grey Stories - Kat, 23, who loves her greys so much she coloured her hair silver

"I have natural grey hairs in my cowlick, and was inspired by them to go silver; I had my hair bleached and dyed silver, so although it's not natural, in a way, I’m totally grey now. I love it, it’s softer than blonde and works better with my skin tone while still giving me that light, fair-haired look"

"I don't think I would have dyed my hair silver if it wasn't for the greys that encouraged me, but now I wouldn’t do anything purposefully to hide them. Like I said, I’m proud of them!"

Josh says...

"I'm so pleased you've found a style and colour you really love, and even better that the inspiration came through embracing your natural greys! For daily use, you should try our Shampoo and Conditioner for fine hair - this will keep your hair feeling clean, light and glossy"

"Care wise, I'd recommend our Miracle Mask for weekly use. This will help lock in your colour as well as hydrating your hair and giving it a beautiful shine. If you find your colour starts to turn brassy in between appointments, you could try our Icy Blonde Gloss. It'll tone down any brassiness and keep your silver colour ashy, just how you like it"

"As you love your silver hair so much, if you'd like to one day grow out your grey hair naturally, we have a blog post full of advice on how to do so. Hope this helps!"

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