Grey Story - Sally

Tell me about your relationship with your hair, has it changed? Do you love it? Feel it needs something else? Did it used to be different? Etc! Anything regarding how you feel about hair, cut, colour or condition.

I love my hair!!

I’ve always had long, dark locks (except when I was 18 and I had in cut quite short, I immediately regretted it and grew it straight back out again)!

As I say, I’ve always had long dark hair and I intend to keep it that way, i.e. I refuse to go grey.

As I’ve gone through different stages in my life, I have noticed a change in my hair. For instance during times of stress such as when I was going through fertility treatment, I would lose a lot of hair. I also grew a lot of “extra” hair during my three term pregnancies, but noticed this fell out again afterwards.

It can take quite a while following the birth of a baby for your hair to grow back to how it was before and for some women, it never does. I was lucky in that in time, my hair did return to normal.

I’ve always tried to take good care of my hair my having regular cuts and treatments and I also always use a heat protective system when using any styling products.

How old were you when noticed your first grey, and how did it make you feel?

I was far too young!

I’d just gone through a very traumatic time in my personal life with the loss of my first baby. My Mum was with me one afternoon when she was plaiting my hair for me and she noticed there was a couple of grey ones in there. I was absolutely horrified.

I was only 25. My Mum also went grey very young. She used to have jet black hair and she started going grey even younger than me. She embraced her grey hair however and I remember her having dark hair with a white fringe. I hated it and knew this was most definitely not something that I wanted. I started to colour my hair straight away. There was no way I was going to be grey.

How grey are you now, how do you feel about it? (love it, hate it, self-conscious, want it covered?)

No one really knows. I certainly have grey roots if I allow them to come through. Honestly though I regularly colour my roots and in between colours I use root touch ups and concealers. I simply will not be grey. I find it so aging and I’m not ready to be that person for a very long time yet.

When did you decide to start doing something about greys?

As soon as I spotted that first grey!

On a practical level, how do you deal with greys? Do you cover them at home etc, and if so, how do you find the results of whatever you do?

When I was working full time, I used to go to a salon regularly to have my hair cur, coloured and treated. When the boys came along, there just wasn’t the time available to me to do this anymore so I started to colour my hair myself at home. I usually put the children to bed and then have myself some “me” time where I will do things like colour my hair, apply my fake tan and paint my fingers nails. I want to feel and look great and I don’t think being a mum of three young children should be you should deny yourself this.

With regard to which brands I use, I must admit I’ve tried loads and some I definitely prefer more than others. For instance some claim to be a dark brown dye to cover all greys and although I follow all of the instructions, the result is that they have merely covered my greys to a light reddish brown, meaning they still show and then I have to re-do them again.

Being a “Josh Wood Suoer Fan” I must admit I honestly do love his products. The home colouring kit covered my greys perfectly, smelt amazing and gave me an amazingly healthy shine to my hair. In between colours, I really love using the root touch up pencil and the blending brush for a quick touch up when I am pressed for time.

What would your dream hair look like? Do you do anything to try and get that dream hair?

Anything else you’d like to add about your story with grey hair?

My dream hair would be a balayage effect of dark roots into much lighter ends with a soft, feminine wave to it, with plenty of lift and volume. I have tried to create this look myself but it has never quite worked. I’ve been to the salon where they gave me highlights throughout and that just drained me and my natural skin tones so it had to go and when I tried a home hair dye for the wanted effect…. Well let’s just say that didn’t exactly work out either!

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