Hair Colour Tips to Make You Look Younger

At Josh Wood Colour, we're here to help you feel good about yourself and your hair, whatever that means for you. For some, that’s achieved by the most flattering hairstyles and hair colours that appear more youthful. 

We spoke to one of our experts, Issie Churcher, to get her top 5 tips for small tweaks you can make to your hair to create a more youthful look and emphasise your favourite features. 

Choose the right hair colour to look younger

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all hair colour to make you look younger. Colour is personal, and we’re here to help find the best shade of you. Our permanent hair dye colours are designed to be personalised to the tones that suit you (thank you, Shade Shot). Not sure what suits you best? Cool, warm, neutral? Book a virtual hair colour consultation (don’t worry, it’s on us) and speak to one of our hair salon experts about what would be your most suited, flattering shade. 

Face-framing hair highlights to look younger

‘Ask your hair colourist to create highlights around the face’, suggest Issie. ‘They don’t need to be very light (as this comes with the risk of washing you out), but they can be great for brightening and adding shaping and contouring to the face’. Keep highlighted sections glossy and fresh at home with our Champagne Blonde Gloss hair treatment.


Handle your hair with care to look younger

‘As hair ages, it can become a coarser texture, benefiting from more moisture to help soften and smooth frizz. Finer hair types with this issue may suffer from lack of hair density and body, finding hair conditioners too heavy. This can leave mid lengths and ends dry and brittle, especially if the hair is coloured. I’d recommend our Miracle Shampoo & Conditioner, the one that’s specially formulated for fine and fragile hair, to address this’, says Issie.

More bang for your buck

Just like highlights placed at the front of the head, a cut which shapes hair around your face has a similar effect to highlight the angles of cheekbones and create a softer, more flattering shape. Swept to the side fringes and layering can work to partially conceal fine lines in the face, whilst creating movement and texture that makes hair look healthier, and by extension, more youthful.

Keep grey hair glamorous

Don't forget, a full head of grey hair needs to be treated just like any other colour. Adding highlights or lowlights can make your natural grey hair look more premium. ‘Going lighter is often the preferred option if a client has 70% white hair or more’, says Issie. ‘It’s then easier to blend in with lighter roots, meaning less high contrast than with a brunette shade. For hair between 20% - 50% white, a colour that is closer to the natural would still be more complementary, as it will still be more compatible with their skin tone and eye colour. Introducing some soft, lighter highlights as an enhancement is a good way to break the base up when a mixed root of white and dark starts to grow back through.’ It’s knowledge like this that reminds us how expert our hair colourists really are. Keep up their good work by using the Icy Blonde Gloss hair treatment at home on your greys, to ensure they stay bright and without a hint of brassiness. And whatever you’re doing with colour, the usual rules on optimum hair health still apply: regular haircuts to keep ends healthy and prevent breakage. Healthy hair = vitality.

Issie Churcher is a Principle hair colourist at Josh Wood Colour. Issie's love of all things colour sees her creating bespoke looks, ranging from classic colour with a modern twist to bang on trend shades that will take you from one season to the next. She effortlessly mixes beautiful colour palettes with innovative techniques, resulting in stunning, wearable hair. Click here to book a virtual consultation with Issie, or come visit her in the salon.

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