Hair styling hacks to make fine hair appear thicker

Nicholas Hardwick talks us through the best ways for limp hair to achieve a voluminous 'do.

We've covered how to smooth and style thick hair in the past, and thought it was finally fine hair's time to shine! Speaking to Josh Wood Colour Principal Stylist Nicholas Hardwick, we find out the best tips and tricks for styling and blow drying fine hair, to give it the volume and thickness you want.

Prep it & Forget it

To begin, Nicholas washes Beckie's hair with Josh Wood Colour Shade Refreshing shampoo and conditioner for fine blonde hair. It's important to use care products targeted towards volume as a starting point for a bouncy blow dry, as non-specific shampoos may weigh the hair down unnecessarily. He then applies Redken Rootful 06 (a root lifting, volumising spray), and roughly blowdries the hair, whilst her head is upside down. When the hair is around 95% dry, he smooths it out with a brush, but doesn't brush it too thoroughly, in order to retain the volume that blowdrying upside down has given the hair.

Root Lift


After sectioning Beckie's hair (in a way Nicholas describes as mimicking a 'Hot Cross Bun'), he begins by tonging the top section, at the crown. Nicholas curls the hair over the tong close to the root, to create a 'bump'. This gives the hair volume at the root, and a great voluminous base to begin curling from.

Curls, two ways

According to Nicholas, the key to adding visible volume to a curly style is to juxtapose the direction of the curls. Always start with the sections around your face, and begin by curling away from the face, then curl the next section in the opposite direction. Continue by curling contrasting sections until every section is curled.

Lock it in

Finally, Nicholas loosely runs his fingers through the curls and uses a texturising spray to add an on trend 'piecey' feel and volume to the look, as well as locking in the height he has worked so hard to create. Nicholas recommends Redken Wind Blown 05, as it gives a matte look and feel, meaning your curls will have more 'grip' and staying power.

Now care for your fine hair...


Give flat roots a much needed boost with shampoo specifically formulated to immediately add volume to fine hair.


Specially formulated with shade-specific ingredients to leave your blonde hair feeling smooth, radiant and velvety-soft.

Dry Shampoo

Created to restore your colour and boost flagging roots, Josh's Tinted Dry Shampoo adds volume to fine hair as well as covering regrowth, and refreshing hair between shampoos.

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