High Vis Red: From the runway to the real way

High Vis Red: From the runway to the real way

“This season is about the palette of red. Red isn’t for everybody, but there is a red in everybody.”

Josh Wood

Red rocked the runway at the Alexander McQueen show in Paris, where Josh and the team created striking shades of scarlet, which stylist Guido Palau sculpted into structured up dos.

We sat down with Josh and the team to hear all about this hot off the catwalk hair colour and how to wear it in real life.

Is this a season of red?

"I think there is always as people say, ' a new blonde' around, and there are also always reds around. I think what we are seeing is the subtlety of reds or the breadth of the different shades of red, from the palest sun kissed golden blonde all the way to something like the high vis red or a plum or berry red.

Red isn’t for everybody, but there is a red in everybody, and it can suit everybody. It is a pretty strong colour to wear so I don’t think it's the season of the redhead necessarily, but for me it's more about the return of a full palette of reds, and a wider selection for people to choose from."

High Vis Red: From the runway to the real way

Describe the colour you created for McQueen.

We created a high vis red; it's so vivid and really eye catching. You know there's a reason warning signs are painted in red because they are easily identifiable. This red was designed to standout in this really tight hairstyle that Guido created.

What did the process involve creating the colour?

We started on the palest of pale hair extensions and dipped them into a big bucket of red pigment. When we rinsed the colour off we made sure to use really cold water, to try and lock as much of the tone in as possible. We then layered that base colour with first an orange and then a tomato red.

Which shade of red is best suited to which skin tone?

Unless you're a natural redhead (which only makes up 2% of the population!), choosing the right shade of red can be a minefield. If your skin tone leans on the warmer side, a gorgeous soft copper gold is the colour for you - this colour looks particularly striking if you have very fair skin and a pink undertone. If you have darker hair and don't want to lighten your hair too much, a deep red or berry is a great choice. Reds that go over brunettes tend to be more woody looking. If you want to play around with different warm tones to find the perfect level of warmth for you, try a subtle to lighten up the ends, then try different toners for different levels of red, ranging from mahogany to bright copper.

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