How to curl your hair two ways with straighteners

How to curl your hair two ways with straighteners

It's probably safe to say we’ve all had a foray into curling with straightners in the past; who wouldn’t want to be able to create multiple styles, quickly, with one tool? But it’s also likely that your first attempts were... not quite what you had envisaged. Curling (badly) with a straightener can leave you with limp, lacklustre kinks, and harsh crease marks on the hair where the hot plate has been held too long, in the hopes of coaxing a curl into it. We spoke to Principal Stylist Noemie Renvoize to learn how to curl with straighteners with two new curling techniques using one straightening tool.

Glamorous, classic curls...

  • Take small sections, clamp the straightener around the hair and twist it back on itself 180 degrees.
  • Pull straightener down slowly. If you go slowly you will have looser curls, and if you go fast and tight you'll have tighter curls.
  • If you want a messier look alternate the direction of the curl throughout the head in different sections.
  • Always do the pieces around the face away from the face.


S Wave...
  • Start from the sides around your face, take small sections, because if the section is too big, you won't be able to penetrate the hair with the heat.
  • Use your straighteners to create a bend in your hair, you will almost see an 'S shape'.
  • Start by lifting your roots, and then use the opposite motion when going down your hair sections.
  • Repeat the same throughout the entire head.
  • Use a texturising spray on the roots for volume, such as Redken Quicktease.
  • Use Redken Wind Blown spray on the ends for piecey texture.

Now keep your hair looking fresh...

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