How to use Root Touch Up Spray

  1. Find the section you want to cover
  2. Give the product a good shake
  3. Rest one hand on the hair to keep the parting precise
  4. Spray with the other hand at a distance of 15-30cm 
  5. Keep the container moving as you spray
  6. Spray in light layers
  7. Blend in with your fingers
  8. Ready to go!


How do you hide grey roots between colouring? A root touch up spray, or a spray on root concealer, is one of the quickest and easiest ways to cover any stray grey hairs or unwanted hair regrowth. But how should you best use a root touch up spray at home? Read on for top tips from our own Josh Wood on how to apply a root touch up spray for the best results. 


1. Find the section you want to cover

Whether it’s a few scattered grey hairs around your hairline, or it’s just your parting that needs coverage, stand in good light so you can see where to put the product and part your hair accordingly. You can use spray on root touch up spray on your whole head if you’d like!


2. Give the product a good shake!

‘Like any aerosol, distribution of the product and the pigment is better when the container has been shaken a little’ says Josh. 


3. Rest one hand on the hair to keep the parting precise

This will help you spray more accurately and precisely, and get better grey coverage.


4. Spray with your other hand at a distance of 15-30cm

Getting too close will result in too much product in one place, making it blend less well. Instead, opt for a good distance away from your hand and spritz to get an even coating.  ‘Think of Airbrush like a tinted dry shampoo’ says Josh.


5. Keep the container moving as you spray

Don’t spray too much in one area, or stay static with your hand, or the coverage won’t be as seamless. Instead, keep the root spray moving to achieve the best blended grey coverage result. 


6. Spray the root spray in light layers

As they always say, less is more! It’s easier to build up layers and add more product than remove it once you’ve applied too much Airbrush Root Spray. (It’s just like makeup, but for your hair).


7. Once you are happy with the application, blend in gently with your fingers. 

This will allow the product to blend well into your hair colour and provide a natural looking grey touch up result.


8. You’re ready to go!

Pop the Airbrush in your bag for a fast and easy root touch up on the go, whenever and wherever you need it. Airbrush is not damaging for your hair, as it sits on the surface of hair and is only a temporary root touch up.

But does the root touch up wash out? And how long does root touch up last? Yes, Airbrush washes out, and it’ll only last until you next wash your hair. For a longer-lasting solution, try our range of Permanent Hair Colour to give 100% grey coverage using our gentle, ammonia-free formula.

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