Introducing your brand new hair care routine essentials - The Josh Wood Colour Miracle Care Range


Please bring your hands together for the latest addition to the Josh Wood Colour Miracle Collection…

Miracle Care! 

This latest launch is the culmination of months of hard work, based on customer feedback and Josh’s desire to create a comprehensive at-home hair colour system that takes care of all of your hair’s needs. 

As we all know, truly great colour starts with great condition. And great condition is best achieved with texture-specific shampoo and hair conditioner.


Miracle Shampoo and Miracle Conditioner, specifically formulated for hair that’s dry and damaged, and in need of some TLC.  Made without sulphates, this hair care set is packed with natural active ingredients and our signature Colour Shine Complex of Quinoa Extract, Green Walnut and UV filters to protect hair colour vibrancy and deliver intense hydration. Hair is left feeling smoother and softer, flyaways are tamed and vibrant, glossy colour is locked in.

Miracle Shampoo and Miracle Conditioner, specifically formulated for fine, fragile hair that could do with a helping hand. Also sulphate-free, this set is also packed with our signature hair Colour Shine Complex, UV filters and active natural ingredients for fuller hair, but with a focus on refreshing, protecting and nourishing hair without weighing those finer hair strands down.


Both sets are ideal for natural or coloured hair, of any shade, length or curl pattern.

We *know* how popular our deeply conditioning Miracle Hair Mask is, but we wanted to create a shampoo and hair conditioner for every hair colour that you can use every wash, rather than just once a week. 

Do you love the Miracle System for your hair colour? Well, now there’s even more ways to maintain that colour with our new care range. Use our Miracle System and Miracle Care together to lock in nutrition, softness, shine, and long-lasting colour for maximum hair joy.

Miracle System + Miracle Care = Miraculous hair colour conditioned to the core. 

Say hello to your new professionally recommended hair care routine: 

1. Create salon-quality hair colour with the multi-award winning Miracle System.


2. Lock in hair  colour for longer with the five-minute multi-tasking Miracle Mask.


 3. Cleanse with sulphate-free shampoo containing protective UV filters.

4. Finish with a deeply nourishing hair conditioner packed with natural ingredients for gorgeously smooth hair.

Need advice on your own personal hair care routine, or which hair care is right for you? Ask one of our friendly expert hair colourists in a free virtual consultation, or contact our haircare enthusiasts, the JWC Client Delight Team.

Now, when’s wash day?

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