Introducing Vanessa, 60, who proves (curly) blondes have more fun.

Introducing Vanessa, 60, who proves (curly) blondes have more fun.

Josh: Vanessa is effortlessly glamourous. She told me about her difficult relationship with her hair growing up. I'm so glad my team have helped her find her perfect cut and colour.

I started getting a few grey hairs in my early 30’s, but because I had blonde hair it wasn’t too noticeable. It was the curls that bothered me, not the grey. But now I don’t want to be grey, I want to be blonde, to feel like my true self.

Introducing Vanessa, 60, who proves (curly) blondes have more fun.

On her changing relationship with her hair... It’s been a difficult – I was born a curly blonde, while I wanted to be a tomboy with dark, straight hair. All my life I’ve wanted it to be different. It's a lot of pressure; if my hair doesn’t look right I don’t feel right. Now that I’m older, I’d love to go back in time and tell my younger self that I am absolutely fine as I am.

On being chosen as a campaign star... I was thrilled. To be a campaign star at my age is remarkable, the world of advertising and marketing is all the better for including the older generation for we have a growing voice in the world of commerce. I adore the Josh Wood Colour products, they have enhanced my looks and made me feel more confident as I head into this next decade of my life.

On her new Josh Wood Colour

I think it's absolutely what I've been looking for. I have this whole new image which has given me confidence to stand up straight and walk tall really thanks to Josh.

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