Jenna Coleman: Hair Profile






Jenna Coleman’s off-duty hairstyle is just as majestic as some of her most iconic roles. 

Famous for portraying Queen Victoria in the ITV period drama Victoria and Clara Oswald in BBC’s Doctor Who, Jenna’s rich brunette locks have remained fairly consistent throughout her rise to fame.



Her mid-length style is glossy, voluminous and oh so shiny, with Jenna knowing exactly how to take care of it. She’s had the A-list experience at Josh Wood Atelier in London, proving that those luscious locks are just as healthy as they appear to be.



In terms of styling, Jenna Coleman style tends to keep things simple and sweet when she’s not on camera. At various red-carpet events, she’s rocked a romantic look with a long, heavy fringe paired with effortless wavy long hair.

Need a bit of inspo when it comes to a cute and super quick hairstyle? Take a look at Jenna’s Instagram page for proof that a feminine half-up half-down style works for literally every occasion.



Jenna’s hair habits make the most of her naturally thick mane. Anyone with a similar hair texture will know that thick hair – while sometimes hard to tame – works well with every cut or style, providing the right products are used to smooth out any unwanted frizz.

In terms of length, Jenna opted for a shorter style than usual back in 2015. At the time, she shared a glimpse of her shoulder-grazing cut on social media, which included some beautiful golden colours through the ends. 




Speaking of which, let’s talk colour. Jenna’s gorgeous brunette hue has rarely strayed from its roots. 

Even so, she’s experimented with lots of caramel balayage in the past, which gives her a gorgeous sunkissed tone that makes the most of her natural base and adds warmth to her complexion.




This technique means Jenna’s colour is much easier to maintain and doesn’t require quite so many colouring appointments as a full or half head of highlights, let alone a full colour transformation. Doesn’t it look gorgeous?

The only time Jenna fully switched things up was her decision to go fully blonde back in 2018 for her role as Joanna Lyndsay in the television series, The Cry. At the time, she shared an upload of her lighter transformation online. 



Still, it wasn’t long before went Jenna went back to her signature brunette look, which proves that nobody is ever fully through with the dark side…

 Whether she heads back to blonde or sticks with her current, more natural, hair colour, Jenna will forever remain one of our biggest hair crushes.

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