Josh Wood Colour x Louis Vuitton Men's Fall-Winter 2020

A multi-dimensional blonde created with a blend of highlights, balayage and mosaic of glosses. It's a reinvention of highlights for men. A permission to lighten with a look that could be accidental, and not overdone.'

says Josh Wood

It's already starting out to be a busy Fashion Week for Josh Wood Colour. The team kicked off the season in style by jumping on the Eurostar to Paris for the Louis Vuitton FW20 Menswear Show. Colourists Mads-Sune Lund and Saffy Lett sent seven models down the runway wearing 'SHORE LIGHTS' hair colour; a multi-dimensional blonde created to complement Virgil Abloh's quietly luxurious collection

According to Josh, SHORE LIGHTS are an 'accidental blonde created by living and travelling under blue skies.' Colourist Mads adds, 'It's a lived-in, grown-out, youthful blonde that's reflective of a well-travelled lifestyle.'

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