Josh Wood Colour's first TV Campaign, ‘Dye Happy’, featuring The Miracle System


It’s been a year in the making, and it’s finally here: Josh Wood Colour’s first ever TV advert.

So, to celebrate, we’re sharing an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek into how we got from the initial idea to the fully fledged campaign, #DyeHappy, starring Juliet Cowan. If you haven’t seen it already, click play on the video below to see the full version.



The idea for #DyeHappy was formed as part of a collaboration with Creative Director Tiger Savage, who wanted to create a fresh approach to how we think and talk about hair colour and colouring hair at home.


Two women posing for a picture - Josh Wood Hair Colour Expert

Tiger and Prudence, our Producer


Tiger’s vision was formed around one of our key missions here at Josh Wood Colour: that dyeing hair at home shouldn’t be difficult, stressful or something to hide, but rather a moment of self-love that comes with expert support and even the potential to be fun.


A woman is dyeing her hair in a bathroom - Josh Wood Hair Colour Expert


We wanted to focus on our best-selling Miracle System, as the only product in the hair dye industry that not only protects hair from damage when you colour, but actively improves the condition and health of your hair. So, when it came to composing our own song, ‘I believe in Miracles’ was born!

Working with Odelay films to shoot the film was a great opportunity for Josh and Team JWC to see #DyeHappy come to life.


A woman is getting her hair done by a man - Josh Wood Hair Colour Expert


Our principle Hair Stylist, Nicholas Hardwick created Juliet’s beautifully styled hair for her final look, having used The Josh Wood Colour Miracle System: Permanent Colour in shade 6.5 with Chocolate Shade Shot, plus the Miracle Shot.

 Our Permanent Hair Colour is available in Boots, but the full Miracle System is exclusive to Josh Wood Colour, and available on subscription (which comes with 15% off and free shipping on every order!).


A man sitting in a chair with headphones on - Josh Wood Hair Colour Expert

Josh on set

Josh insisted that Juliet’s hair in the film reflected real customers’ experience, and the results were a genuine depiction of what can be achieved with the Josh Wood Colour Miracle System. No airbrushing, editing or adding extra shine - just naturally glossy, beautiful, nourished hair colour that gives customers the confidence to dye happy.


A woman in a red shirt is sitting in front of a mirror - Josh Wood Hair Colour Expert



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