Josh's Iconic Brunette Beauties

Think blondes have more fun? Think again. In celebration of International Brunette Day, we (virtually) sat down with Josh as he shared his favourite iconic brown-haired beauties and how you can recreate the look, at home.

'Creating natural believable brunettes is what has been my life’s work. A lot of people think that I spend my life blonding my clients but it’s the subtle hypernatural brunettes, that even to a trained eye would never know the hair is coloured, is what really keeps me busy,' Josh. 



'Iman is the queen of the golden brunette', says Josh. 'I had the pleasure of working with her and that golden glow radiates from the inside out.' To replicate these supermodel strands ask your colourist for a light brown base with soft honey and caramel blonde highlights embedded throughout. To maintain the hue use our Champagne Blonde Gloss. 'Using a blonde product on brunette hair could seem strange,' says Josh, 'but when there are lighter pieces in the hair it will help brighten the highlights as well as deeply conditioning the brunette strands at the same time.'  



 Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge always keeps her signature polished brunette locks in pristine condition and her glossy waves are the subject of much fascination. 'Wearing a slightly warmer tone on a natural brunette is a great way to help the hair look healthy and shiny,' recommends Josh. Create this colour at home using our Chestnut Brunette Gloss for a radiant and royal finish. 



 Jonathan Van Ness 

We couldn't curate a round-up of our favourite brunette beauties without including the 'grooming guy'. As well as being a ray of sunshine on our screens, Jonathan and his impeccable mane provide the ultimate glossy hair goals. 'JVN wears his own colour so well, it always looks flawlessly natural, but boy does he know how to dress it up!' says Josh. His colour combo of rich brunette waves, dark facial hair and deep eyes are fabulously flattering on the fashionista. In the words of Josh, 'LOVE.' 



Bella Freud

Bella is a testament to the beauty in a classic brunette. 'My dear friend always looks so modern and her deep brunette hair and exquisite skin tone work so well together,' says Josh. 'Keeping hair looking clean and hydrated is so important, even on hair that isn't coloured,' says Josh. All hair benefits from using a deep-conditioning mask, such as our Everything Mask, once a week. Remember, shiny, healthy hair always starts from a well-conditioned base. 




 Cher is one of our ultimate style icons. Thanks in part to her show-stopping stage costumes, but also her trendsetting tresses. From hippie-chic straight hair, wild mullets to extravagant hairpieces there isn't a 'do the iconic singer hasn't tried and rocked. This, big bold and curly look from 2017 is one of our favourites. We're sure we're not the only ones obsessed with her raven black hair and everything she does with it. 

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