Pregnancy and Hair Dye


 A common question that our Client Delight Team often get asked is:

Can i colour my hair in pregnancy?

There are a number of factors to consider here, so we spoke to Josh for his expert opinion on what he tells clients when they ask him about colouring hair when pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Firstly, it’s important to note that using hair dye when pregnant (or using any hair colouring product generally!) is deeply personal and an individual choice at every stage. But the most common concern that is raised is: is it safe to dye hair when pregnant?

Generally speaking, yes. 

Whilst there isn’t vast amounts of research on the topic, the research we do have suggests that it is safe to colour your hair when pregnant.* It’s a good idea to speak to your doctor if you have any concerns, but it is very common for people who are pregnant to continue to colour their hair as they usually would. 

It is particularly important that you also carry out an allergy alert/ patch test before you dye your hair, to avoid causing any sensitivities or allergic reactions, as your skin can become more sensitive than usual when pregnant. 

Having had lots of clients with these questions, we asked Josh for his advice around pregnancy and hair dye pregnancy. 

Does being pregnant make a difference to how often I should colour my hair?

'The cadence of how often you colour your hair is really dependent on how heavily coloured your hair is. I sometimes soften down the colour to allow for less frequency of colour. Nothing to do with health or well-being, it has more to do with the fact that after the baby it's quite hard to go to the salon to get your roots done.'

Will my hair behave differently when pregnant?

'Normally one's hair gets much thicker, glossier, and healthier due to the positive effect of hormones and vitamins. It's not always the case but in my experience, the hair is most abundant in pregnancy.'

What hair products to avoid during pregnancy?

'There's not too many things to avoid, but people sometimes feel that they don’t want permanent hair colour touching their scalp while pregnant, although there is no scientific evidence to prove that there is anything wrong with using a permanent colour. What is important is to ensure the hair is super hydrated, shiny, and glossy. Quite often my clients focus on their hair during pregnancy because it's something that they feel that they have control over and makes them feel glamorous and confident.' 

Is there anything I can do with colour to make my hair look thicker post-pregnancy?

'Colour is a great way of giving the illusion of thick robustness. Quite often we use a technique a little bit like 3D where we choose a lighter colour, a tone-on-tone colour, and a slightly deeper colour which gives the illusion of hair looking fuller and thick. Balayage is also a great way to create contrast in the hair. Either a darker root and a lighter end, or a little bit of sun kissing can really help to make one's hair look thicker.' 

Is there anything else to know about hair colour and pregnancy?

'I've been faced over the years with people wanting to do big colour changes while pregnant and I've learned that if the person is normally experimental with their hair colour, it’s okay to continue those creative expressions. But, when someone wants to do a radical change and they have never done that before, it's probably better to have a more holistic approach to the hair colour.'

*For more information, head to the NHS website (link:  or speak to your doctor. 

As ever, you should always follow the instructions on the packaging. If you need any advice, our Client Delight Team is here and happy to help.

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