We're celebrating Pride with hair every colour of the rainbow

Pride is here! A colourful highlight of the year, when we celebrate and show our support for those who identify as LGBTQIA+. It may not be happening in all its carnival glory this year, but turning your hair colour any or every shade of the rainbow is the new way to fly your Pride flag, however you're celebrating. 

The theme for this year is Allyship, with the aim to encourage us all to do more, however and wherever you can. Not discriminating becomes taking a stand against those who do; understanding evolves into teaching those who don’t; and as for listening, when we step outside our comfort zone, there’s a lot more to hear. Is it just us, or does flying a rainbow flag suddenly seem insufficient? 

One way to demonstrate your allyship pledge is colouring your hair a rainbow shade and according to Veronica Wysocka, colourist at the Josh Wood Colour Atelier, bright hair colours don’t discriminate. “Honestly, anyone can try it." First try a semi permanent wash in, wash out dye. “When you’re working with one-wash colours, there’s no long term commitment,” says Veronica.


Wondering which colour to go for? Veronica has some advice, “Anything goes when it comes to bright hair colours, but let’s say purple is your favourite colour, you’re obsessed with it and you wear it all the time. You’re guaranteed to love it because it’s your from your favourite palette of colours.” And the same goes with the colours to avoid. “Don’t just go for a colour because it’s fashionable. If you don’t normally like pink, you probably won’t like it on your hair,” Veronica warns. 

So, choose a shade and get ready to embrace your new rainbow-coloured hair, and all that it represents. Still undecided? We break down the rainbow shades of Pride to inspire the new (and improved) you.  


1. Red = Life

It’s a colour many of us turn to when we need a confidence lift, whether that’s a slick of lipstick or statement shirt, and it seems our enthusiasm for the colour extends to hair with a recent uplift in Google search for 'shades of red hair to suit my skintone'. With so many shades and tones of red hair dye out there, it’s also a popular choice if you want a longer-lasting, permanent look. If you do, however, Veronica advises you turn to the pros. “If you’re going to go permanent with any bold colour, definitely see a colourist in the salon” Veronica advises. “There are steps pre pigmentation that need to be done, and the colour will probably have to be applied a couple of times to make sure it stays put on hair. We use special activators - and it’s these steps that combine to get a professional result,” Veronica explains.


2. Orange =Healing

Orange is the new black, and this carrot-top colour is certainly making jet locks look like old news. Tempted to give it go? “Definitely try it,” says Veronica, “It’s the perfect time while at home to experiment with coloured conditioners and semi permanent colours. It's a great way to brighten up for natural redheads. We love how the pride rainbow’s orange stands for ‘healing’ too.

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@nimmonimmo are kicking off London Pride 🌈 on the 4th July with ‘NIMMO CURATES’ at @electrowerkz - and we couldn’t be prouder to work with them. (Plus, we’re legit fans). Head to our stories now to watch Sarah Nimmo and Reva Gauntlett chat with @katcutsme about creativity, identity and what’s next for them. Peony pastel 🌸 by @marleyxavier @veronica.weronika and high dosage Vitamin C orange 🍊 by @madssune add unexpected tones to strong shapes by @katcutsme ✂️ We believe in tailoring our techniques to suit the individual; strong, powerful shapes for everyone. #joshwood #joshwoodcolour #nimmonimmo #pastelhair #orangehair #redhair #prideinlondon #londonpride #londonpride2019

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3. Yellow = Sun

Already have bleached hair? Then yellow is the perfect colour to try as you make your pride statement. It’s all to do with your base colour and bleach is the perfect  blank canvas to start on. “If you paint on a white piece of paper, all the colours will come out the way you hoped. If you paint on any other colour canvas however, the colour will alter.” Veronica explains. “Blondes can go for pastels and softer colours as the initial canvas is blank.” 

4. Green = Nature

“Pinks are the queens and kings of any crazy colour, regardless of the season, but I feel like neons are second in the running  right now,” Veronica reveals. That’s probably why we’re coveting this particular genre of green so much. But whether you’re looking to channel Billie Eilish with highlighter roots or a deeper version of vert, wear green proudly, and don’t be concerned about clashing colours.

5. Blue = Harmony

“Blues, green and deep purples are great for brunettes, as they will show up on dark hair” Veronica tells us. For maximum colour impact, Veronica says it’s all about how you wear it. “Crazy colours look best when they are styled, but we need to remember to keep the hair moisturised with a deep conditioning treatment mask, and be sure to use a heat styling spray,” she advises. Deep sea waves, here we come.

6. Violet = Spirit

Childhood mermaid pink and purple hair dreams are made with this shade. Want to make the moment last? “If the hair is not moisturised enough and is too porous, the colour washes out super quickly,” Veronica warns. “When you decide to go for a colour like purple, make sure you have the right shampoo and conditioner to look after it. Ideally from the same brand, so they have the same PH to prevent fade. Leave in conditioner is also a good idea. Basically, moisture is the key word for maintaining any colour.” 



Not ready for full colour commitment? Try a wig in your favourite colour like India Alexandrial below. 


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“What the rainbow has given our people is a thing that connects us” – Gilbert Baker ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Pride Month is with us, so I’m throwing it back with a selection of behind the scenes images from a creative Pride project I was a part of this time last year 💗 Makeup @the_makeupservice 💄 Hair @larazeehair 🦄 Here we’re representing each colour of the LGBT+ Pride flag with each colour having an important, specific meaning. Red for Life, Orange for Healing, Yellow for Sunlight, Green for Nature, Blue for Harmony, and Violet for Spirit ☮️💜 Both artists @larazeehair and @the_makeupservice took great detail in making sure each colour was represented well and beautifully. The flag was originally designed by Gilbert Baker. Baker once said, “we needed something to express our joy, our beauty, our power. And the rainbow did that!” 🏳️‍🌈 . . . . . #makeupart #wakeupandmakeup #rainbowpride #equality #rainbow #pride2020🏳️‍🌈 #pridemakeuplook #lgbtq #pridemonth #happypridemonth🌈 #colorfulmakeup #lgbtqpride #pridemakeup🌈 #lgbt #creativemakeup #pride🌈 #lgbtpridemonth #loveislove #pridemonth2020 #makeup #celebratingdiversity #happypridemonth #lgbtpride #lgbtqia #rainbowmakeup #pridemakeup #pride #happypride #lgbtart #lgbtqart

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