These iconic redheads will serve up all the red hair inspiration you need right now

Each colour category has a striking shade. For blondes, it’s bright platinum, for brown hair, the richest, glossiest chocolate tones. Then there’s black hair that’s so deep, it's almost midnight blue; and as for red - well, where do we start? When it comes to red hair inspiration, every shade has a unique charm, from soft, powdery, strawberry blondes, to vibrant coppers and full-bodied cherry tones. Only a select few are lucky enough to take the title of ‘natural redhead’, but that’s part of the appeal.

Not being so common plays to its advantage. When you do see a red done well, it does turn your head,” says Jason Hogan, colourist at the Josh Wood Colour Atelier.  And we figure Kim Kardashian had this in mind as she ditched her dark roots in favour of striking red. Over half a million Google searches (and counting) for her red hair later, we're all left asking, "should we go red too?" And the answer is a resounding yes.

 The beauty of red is that there is a shade to suit everyone, says leading colourist Josh Wood but, "There is no one size fits all with red hair." That's why we're turning to the celebs, past and present for our own, unique red hair inspiration. “Over the last three to five years there's been a resurgence in red hair popularity, with a lot of red-haired celebrities walking the red carpet,” Jason tells us. 

And the arrival of our red semi permanent Gloss range makes it easier than ever to take a temporary red turn. So whether it’s a case of enhancing your genetic garnet like Julianne Moore, or following in Kim K’s footsteps with an unexpected transformation from smoky brunette to a striking scarlet, going red couldn't be easier. There really is something about a healthy head of red hair that truly trumps the rest. 

Aching to try out red hair for yourself? Us too. That's why we decided to revisit our favourite iconic redheads and picture ourselves donning the same ruby locks. Scroll down to see who made the final 11, and let the icons guide you on your own red route.

Julianne Moore

It is hard to imagine Julianne Moore without her beautiful auburn mane, and thankfully we don't have to. She must know that rich, warm red tones are a perfect pairing with skin.




Is there a shade of red Rihanna hasn’t tried? Our favourite has to be this rich garnet hue. "It was safe, the blonde, curly hair. It was a formula. I didn't want to be like all the other artists. I wanted to stand out," says Rihanna.


Nicole Kidman

“Her statuesque figure and alabaster skin framed by her strawberry blonde hair quickly garnered her star attention,” says Jason Hogan.


Florence Welch

Is it just us, or do Florence’s tumbling copper curls combined with her love of loose-fitting clothes give her the characteristics of a Pre-Raphaelite painting?



Changing up the colour of her natural curls is nothing new for Kelis, whose hair has seen every colour from blue, to pink, to blonde. This chilli-pepper crop is high on our list of favourites though.

David Bowie

The only man to ever make success of a ginger mullet. Bowie ditched the red hair in the late 70s for a more mainstream blonde, but returned to his iconic shade for his album Earthling, courtesy of our very own Josh Wood. 


Jessica Chastain

“The feminist actress always serves 1940’s pinup glamour with her beautiful copper gold hair,” says Jason Hogan.


Molly Ringwald

One of the originals. This Brat Pack redhead paved the way for redhead leads in American teen movies. Emma Stone and Lindsay Lohan, thank Molly.



When Zendaya went red for her role as Mary Jane in Spiderman, she looked so good, fans campaigned for her to be cast as Ariel in The Little Mermaid feature film. 


Julia Roberts

Now, this may come as some surprise, but Julia Roberts isn’t actually a natural redhead. A beautiful example of devotion to a hair colour beyond your own.


Dwayne Wade

We salute Ex-NBA player and husband of Gabrielle Union, Dwayne Wade, whose decision to go red was in support of transgender daughter, Zaya.



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