Self-care Awareness Month 2023 with Josh Wood Colour

With February being self care awareness month, now is the perfect time to start prioritizing some “me” time and create your perfect self care routine, to destress and glow from within. Packed with easy at home self care tips, Josh is here with his self-care guide for 2023 that we can all incorporate into our routines. 

Healthy Hair Care Routine

Caring for your hair is a pivotal part in Josh’s self care routine. Josh likes to start with a deep scalp clean using a scrub to stimulate the scalp by massage, and to help promote a healthy scalp. This also helps to remove any product build up and is the perfect self-care idea at home. Josh follows this by using the deeply conditioning Josh Wood Miracle Mask once a week to keep hair hydrated and to maintain a mirror like shine. 


Josh practises yoga a few times a week and finds that it really helps him with the stresses of his job and daily life. Yoga helps to relax the three areas that are often affected by stress: our body, mind, and breathing and is a very effective way of reducing stress and boosting endorphins.  


 Josh is a big believer in sharing with friends and finds this really effective for his self care. Josh believes it is good to connect with people from his past, including friends he has known since he was 16 and people from his background in Yorkshire. He also has a close girlfriend he checks in with regularly. He finds this friendship has a lot of mutual support with all life brings their way. 

Animal Therapy 

A simple but meaningful way Josh practices self care is to walk his dog Gandalf in the afternoon whenever possible. Gandalf is a rescue dog from Romania (from Wild at heart foundation) and is so loving and funny. Dog therapy is Josh’s top self care tip, any day.

What is your self care routine?

Make some time for you with a hair care ritual. Shop the Josh Wood Colour hair  care range here.

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