Staycationing this Bank Holiday? Recreate the festival vibes with these cute hair ideas

In the words of the eighties pop trio Bananarama, it's been a cruel, cruel Summer. Lockdown life hasn't been fun for anyone, and the cancellation of events from Pride to Glastonbury, not to mention the hesitance of many to board a plane, has meant there are many of us choosing to staycay this Bank Holiday. 

Although the green fields of home may seem a little boring in comparison to what you originally had in mind, we've got a few tips on bringing the party vibes with you wherever you go with these festival inspired looks. 

A woman's hair with glitter in it - Josh Wood Hair Colour Expert
The perfect way to hide regrowth or greasy roots, this sparkling look is ridiculously easy to pull off. And the fact that you're not trying to do it in a hand mirror, whilst trapped in a stuffy tent half cut will certainly help, too. The only prerequisite is, whichever hairstyle you choose must have a parting, which you can jazz up by going zig zag if you're feeling fancy. We've gone for a mix of sequin size, but chunky is best if you  to avoid a 'dandruff' effect. 
You can apply your glitter by either spraying a little hairspray over the root section and sprinkling, or by applying a strong hold gel and using an application brush to dab the glitter where you want it. The latter is far less messy, and allows you to get a little more creative. Set the look with a spritz of hairspray to hold it all in place et voila! You're got some Glasto-worthy Glitter Roots. 
A woman with a purple wavy bob - Josh Wood Hair Colour Expert

Pretty pastels

Pastels are here to stay, and we can't say we mind it all that much. The variety of soft and subtle colours, plus the ease of a temporary or semi-permanent colour make this look an all year round favourite, but especially great for lighter hair types wanting to let their hair down without making a major commitment. 

By mixing a little Cherry Gloss with the Everything Mask, you can create a pink tint, or if you're a medium brunette, a little of the Rose Brunette adds a dusky blush hue to your hair for a gorgeous summery brown. 

Pastels can be worn by any age group - as long as the pastel suits your skin tone. Platinum Blondes can use the Icy Blonde Gloss to brighten up their hair before adding lilac, baby blue or mint streaks for an opalescent effect. Josh says

"I love a pastel grey, and I often add a violet or charcoal. With the right haircut this style can look stunning and modern."

It’s really hard to simplify what pastel suits what skin tone but to generalise the more unnatural colours like blue green, purple generally suit a darker skin tone, with the violets coral and pinks suiting a pale complexion. 

A woman with pink hair and tattoos posing for a photo - Josh Wood Hair Colour Expert

Cheeky colours

If pastels aren't your thing and you'd rather live boldly, a neon dip dye or ombre a la Billie Eilish might be just up your street.

After declaring that “extreme colour is here to stay”, we tapped Josh for his top five tips on what to keep in mind if and when you’re thinking about a big colour change.

1. Wear it your way

“Try adding an accent of colour; you don’t always have to go with a solid block colour. You can even try colour on the ends or a mix of layered colours to create dimension.”

2. Build up to bold

“If you’re not 100% sure about trying something super bright straight away, try a subtler shade to ease your way in or – if you’re blonde – give a pastel gloss a go.”

3. Be patient

“Getting a really vibrant, extreme colour can involve multiple processes (like pre-bleaching before applying bold colour) so be prepared to spend a fair few hours in the salon chair for a great result.”

4. Look after your colour

“You should always use a mask directly after your colour, then follow up with mask treatments twice a week to deep condition and hydrate your hair after bleaching.”

5. Go for it!

“If you’re brave enough, it’s for everyone – you can try teal one week, fuchsia the next. Colour should be experimental; if you’re going to try it, have some fun with it.”

Although we always recommend getting your hair lightened only by a professional, if you're looking for a way to add a splash of colour to your hair but don't have the time or money to visit a salon, try colouring some clip in extensions. Atelier Expert Colourist Veronica shows us how in this Rainbow Hair tutorial below. 


A woman with red hair wearing a black velvet headband - Josh Wood Hair Colour Expert

Quick and easy updos

Second day hair is the best base for this textured whimsical chignon, says stylist Adam, which makes it perfect for a lazy staycation.

Firstly, prep the hair by adding some texture with tongs and texturising spray. Then backcomb the crown slightly for an added illusion of height, gently bringing all the hair to the nape of the neck and then tie into a ponytail. Next, pull out some of the ponytail and face framing pieces, like in the picture. Finally, loosely braid the ponytail and pin it in on itself to achieve this effortless chignon. For an extra special touch, finish with a sparkly ribbon. 





A woman with red hair wearing a braided headband - Josh Wood Hair Colour Expert

Embellishing accessories 

 If all else fails, adding a beaded headband, or colourful scarf can hide a multitude of sins and instantly upscale a simple hairstyle. Create beachy waves without heat by french plaiting your hair before bed, and spritzing the loose waves in the morning. Easy peasy! 

Whatever you choose, stay safe this Bank Holiday and take care of yourselves. 






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