The Glaze Craze:

The Glaze Craze:


What’s a Hair Glaze?

Glaze sits as an extension of our Gloss collection - a deeply conditioning semi-permanent hair colour that lasts up to 3-5 washes to give a pop of elegant pastel hair colour. We selected and formulated 3 of the most wearable, sophisticated and beautiful pastel shades that we can’t wait for you to try: 

Pink Quartz Hair Glaze 


Blue Reef Hair Glaze


Peach Blush Hair Glaze


‘Glazes are a sheer, soft way of colouring hair that washes out. After creating pastel looks at New York Fashion Week, I wanted to create a product that will allow people to bring elevated, inspiring colours to life, at home. And we’ve done it.” - Josh Wood.


Hair Gloss vs Hair Glaze - What's the difference between a Gloss and a Glaze? 


Firstly, they’re both fantastic for nourishing your hair and providing lots of hair conditioning benefits along with the semi-permanent hair colour. Both are professionally formulated to be ammonia free, 100% vegan and full of Shea Butter and Pequi Oil to leave hair looking shiny and healthy.  

The difference is in both the shades and the depth of hair colour deposit. Glazes are designed to have a sheer shimmer, providing a bright pop of colour that allows you to be playful and expressive with your hair colour. Glazes are available in fun, fantasy shades that give you the freedom to get creative without the commitment of a permanent hair colour. 

The result of Glaze is therefore more like a top coat, rather than a deeper deposit of depth and intense colour, which is what we’d achieve with a Gloss. Gloss is designed more to refresh and tone existing colours rather than creating an eye-catching statement like a pastel Hair Glaze.  


How do I know which Glaze hair colour will suit me best?


It’s important to note that to have the best, most effective results, hair has to be light or blonde. This means hair should ideally be a shade 8.0, 9.0, bleached (highlights or balayage) or naturally grey or white! If you’re looking for a bright hair colour for darker shades, we’d recommend Cherry Gloss for a gorgeous red colour that can be used for darker blondes and brunettes. 

Pink Quartz hair glaze suits most skin tones and eye colours, so if your skin tone is pale, warm, cool or neutral, a pop of pastel pink hair will look fantastic.


The Glaze Craze:


Peach Blush hair glaze is great on golden, warm apricot skin tones to add an enhanced warm glow perfect for summer. Peach Blush is still soft enough for gentle pastel peach tones that won’t wash you out. 


The Glaze Craze:


Blue Reef hair glaze is brilliant for cooler skin tones and darker skin tones for a vibrant yet sophisticated pastel blue aqua tone.


The Glaze Craze:

Let’s bring out the hair colourist in you


If you’re feeling inspired, we’ve got you covered. Here’s some ways we’ve been experimenting with Glazes for some ‘do-try-this-at-home’ hair colour creativity. 

Peach Prism hair


The Glaze Craze:


Take small sections of hair from all over the head, like highlights, and massage in Peach Glaze. 


Blue Undercolour hair

The Glaze Craze:


Split hair in half, and pin up the top half head of hair. Then use Blue Reef on underneath section. (note: hair must be pre-bleached or blonde). 


Pink Ombre hair


The Glaze Craze:

Create an ombre effect by massaging in Glaze only to the ends of hair, gently blending up towards the head. This works well with Pink Quartz, or a combination of two Glazes as seen here - Pink and Peach together! 


“We took pastels, and we elevated them. I want to empower people to try something different, but still look incredibly sophisticated.” - Josh

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