The hair cuts that suit your face shape

A hair treatment is by no means ‘one size fits all’ – at the Josh Wood Colour Atelier, each of our colours and cuts are tailored to the individual; their lifestyle, maintenance requirements and desired end result. And when it comes to cuts, our stylists always take into consideration the client’s face shape and hair colour; this helps them advise which cuts will flatter (and which might be a little more challenging). Read our new blog post, where expert stylist Nicholas Hardwick takes us through a selection of different face shapes and the best face shape hair cuts and styling counterparts.

The hair cuts that suit your face shape

Hairstyles for an Oval Face

“First up, the oval face shape – if you have one of these, you’ll be pleased to know you suit everything, so congratulations to you!"

"You don’t have to avoid any styles, and can try out anything you please - lucky you!”

Hairstyles for a Diamond Shaped Face

“Similar to the oval face shape, most styles also suit this shape – they don’t say diamonds are a girl’s best friend for nothing!”

“But, unlike the oval shape, there are a few things to avoid – such as short, cropped haircuts with layers. Basically, you want to avoid anything that widens the top of the head”.

Hairstyles for a Round Face

“With a round face shape, you should go for anything that lengthens, slims and frames the face – anything below the chin level looks great on you, so maybe try out some longer styles, such as adding extensions or growing out your hair. Adding height to the crown can also give this illusion, without the need for length”.

"With a round face shape you want to avoid short, blunt, straight haircuts, and slick, tight ponytails”.

The hair cuts that suit your face shape

Hairstyles for a Square Shaped Face

“For a square face shape, you want to try anything that softens the sides of the face, so anything shoulder length or below look great, you could even try a long, feathered fringe or bangs”.

“You want to avoid anything that will accentuate the squareness of the face, such as short and blunt haircuts; things that will expose too much of the sides of the face – you really want soft textures around your temples and chin”.

The hair cuts that suit your face shape

Hairstyles for a Heart Shaped Face

“For a heart face shape, opt for shoulder length and longer haircuts with some long layers - maybe a fringe. You could even go the other way entirely and look into a pixi cut! And for styling, try out curls and waves to add dimension”.

“You should avoid long hairstyles that don’t frame the face, and styles that widen the top of the head”.

As always, if you’d like any hair advice - or if you aren’t sure which face shape you have - feel free to send us a photo to, where our team of experts are always on hand to help.

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