Hair Colours for Green Eyes

Green eyes are often considered one of the rarest and most captivating eye colours. If you're fortunate enough to have this stunning eye shade, you'll want to choose a hair colour that complements and accentuates your natural beauty. 

What hair colour suits green eyes? 

Due to its position within the colour wheel opposite red, the secret behind what colour makes green eyes pop is warmth! Whether its blonde, brunette or red warm in tone shades are much more flattering to the green eye and remain as the best shade for green eyes. 

Best Blonde Shades for Green Eyes:

1. Champagne Blonde: This warm blonde shade with golden undertones beautifully enhances green eyes. It complements both warm and cool skin undertones, making it a versatile choice.

Achieve this shade by opting for a champagne shade shot with your Permanent Colour or by boosting your tone with our Champagne Gloss. 

Hair Colours for Green Eyes

Best Brown/Brunette Hair Shades for Green Eyes:

1. Chocolate Brown: Chocolate Brown is a versatile shade that complements green eyes creating a luxurious, espresso-inspired chocolate brunette finish. It works with a range of skin undertones, from cool to warm.

Hair Colours for Green Eyes

3. Caramel: A golden brown like Caramel Gloss will really accentuate hazel/green eyes and make them appear more vibrant. Its buttery, toasted tones both elevate and deepen dark blonde to medium brunette shades, and the gold tones in your hair will bring out the gold tones in your eyes.

Hair Colours for Green Eyes

4. Chestnut Brunette : In this same sense as Chocolate, rich mahogany brown hair colour will enhance darker eyes by bringing out the copper tones present within. Try a Chestnut Brunette Gloss, with deep red and golden undertones.

Hair Colours for Green Eyes

Best Red Hair Shades for Green Eyes: 

1.Cherry Red: Vibrant reds like Cherry will emphasise green eyes, as it is the contrasting shade 

Hair Colours for Green Eyes


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