Top 5 Best Hair Colours for Blue Eyes

Blue eyes deserve to be accentuated with the perfect hair colour. Whether you're a natural blonde, brunette, redhead, or have a different hair colour altogether, finding the right shade can make your eyes pop and bring out their mesmerising hue. Our experts are here to explore the top 5 best hair colours for blue eyes and discuss what hair colour brings out blue eyes. 

Best Blonde Hair Colours for Blue Eyes:

1. Icy Blonde: This icy shade of blonde beautifully complements blue eyes, creating a striking contrast. It works well with cool skin undertones for the ultimate icy finish. 

2. Champagne Blonde: Offering a warm and radiant glow, Champagne Blonde hair can bring out the golden flecks in blue eyes. This shade is particularly flattering for those with warm or neutral undertones.

Best Brown/Brunette Hair Colours for Blue Eyes:

1. Chestnut Brown: A rich and warm shade, Chestnut Brown complements blue eyes beautifully. This versatile colour works well for both warm and cool undertones, adding depth and dimension to your look.

Best Red Hair Colours for Blue Eyes:

1. Copper Gold: With its mix of red and brown undertones, Copper hair can beautifully complement blue eyes. This warm and vibrant shade adds a touch of uniqueness to your overall appearance, especially when paired with warm or neutral undertones.

Other Hair Colours for Blue Eyes:

1. Blue Reef: For those who dare to be bold, pastel hair colours like Blue Reef can create a unique and eye-catching look. These shades work well with fair or cool-toned skin, adding a touch of individuality.



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