Will Grey Hair Suit Me? Embracing Your Grey Hair Transition

Going grey is a process. Do you fight it or embrace it? You may immediately want to cover it up and dye it or you may be asking will grey hair suit me? Going grey doesn’t happen overnight as we all know. It can take years to turn grey and then you may still have the salt and pepper roots that need blending.   

Ideas for greying hair

So how can you manage and maintain the shifting spectrum of hair colour change? Luckily there are a lot of great products to help with grey hair transition.  Josh Wood Colour Gloss is a great way to add shine and texture as are blending brushes and root touch ups to help with making the transition from coloured hair to grey hair or for simply covering up stray greys. With three root concealers in the Josh Wood Colour root touch-up collection, from easy to draw on touch up root marker pens, a tinted root spray or our root blending brush or full coverage sponge applicator, there is a solution for everyone.

Does grey hair suit everyone?

So, how will you know if grey hair will suit you? Will grey hair wash me out? These are just some of the questions we get asked at Josh Wood Colour. Our expert colourist David Inman has some advice for you:

“Grey hair will always suit you, so don’t worry about embracing your grey. What you need to do is ensure the texture and shine of your hair is optimised, giving you depth and dimension. You can achieve this by using a sheer hair gloss which won’t take away the grey but will enhance your colour adding polish making it glisten and look healthier and thicker.  You may also need to look at making bolder colour statements with your wardrobe and your make up.”

Being bolder with colour will balance out the grey of your hair.  Think Pru Leith’s lipstick and glasses combination and bright bold prints: 

Hair care for grey hair

But going grey is not only about managing the hair colour transition it’s also about how you manage the texture of your changing hair. Hair care is just as important as managing your grey hair colour.  It’s a myth that grey hair is coarser, if anything it can be fine and fly away so at Josh Wood Colour we’ve developed a number of hair care products to match the texture of your hair. Having beautifully conditioned hair has never been easier with our range of hair care products.  We’ve developed different shampoos and conditioners for fine and fragile, or dry and damaged hair.  We also have the Miracle Mask, which can be used weekly as a deep conditioning treatment, ensuring beautifully conditioned hair, whatever the colour or texture. 

Will Grey Hair Suit Me? Embracing Your Grey Hair Transition

Embracing grey hair - grey hairstyles

It might also be worth thinking about your hair cut as you transition from your natural colour or dyed hair.  Celebrities like Jamie Lee Curtis have cut their hair shorter so that the grey hair transition and colour change happens faster. It’s also worth going and getting regular trims to ensure that your hair’s health is optimised.  

What else goes well with grey hair? 

The  general consensus is that bright Icy Blonde colours and cooler tones are best with grey hair. Its why our colourists recommend a purple-based shampoo, toner or gloss for grey, white or silver hair. 

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