Copper Hair Colour Ideas

Created on January 31, 2024

Copper hair has been making waves in the world of hair colour, with celebs from Isla Fisher to Amy Adams, and Charlotte Tilbury all rocking the fiery shade. Whether you're looking to spice up your natural shade or completely take the dive into red, copper hair colour is the perfect choice.  

What is Copper Hair?

Copper hair falls in the red spectrum, known for its fiery, yet rich and warm undertones. It is a versatile shade that ranges from bright and vibrant on lighter hair to softer and more subdued hues on brunette hair. 


How to achieve Copper Hair at home?

On blonde and light brunette hair a copper tone can be successfully achieved using the Josh Wood Colour semi-Permanent Copper Gold Gloss hair treatment, as seen on Sam Chapman. This semi-permanent Copper hair dye treatment boosts the shine on naturally red hair and adds warm copper red hair colour to brown bases. If you’re a natural blonde, this product will give you a peachier, deeper look. 


Will Copper hair suit me? 

If Copper hair colour is slightly too warm for you, why not add some sweet, softening tones with our Caramel Gloss

This deeply conditioning semi-permanent hair treatment enhances dark blonde to dark brown hair and gives you a natural-looking sheen without the pressure of a full red treatment. In certain lights, your hair will have a gorgeously refined coppery tint. 

This makes it a great option for brunettes who aren’t ready to let their Summer glow fade and for brondes who’d like to add a bit of depth, warmth, and radiance to their natural hair tone. 


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